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347 Con­ trib­ u­ tors Can­ dan Badem (PhD, Sa­ bancı Uni­ ver­ sity, I ˙ stan­ bul, 2007) is an as­ sist­ ant pro­ fes­ sor in the De­ part­ ment of His­ tory, ­ Tunceli Uni­ ver­ sity, ­ Tunceli, Tur­ key. He is the au­ thor of The Ot­ to­ man Cri­ mean War (Brill, 2010) and Çarlık Rus­ yası­ Yönetiminde Kars Vi­ lay­ eti (Bir­ za­ man­ lar, 2010). Cur­ rently, he is con­ tin­ u­ ing re­ search on the Rus­ sian ad­ min­ is­ tra­ tion of the Kars and Batum prov­ inces and on World War I in this area. Ro­ nald P. Bo­ broff (PhD, Duke Uni­ ver­ sity, 2000) is an as­ so­ ciate pro­ fes­ sor in the Di­ vi­ sion of His­ tory, Pol­ i­ tics, and Inter­ na­ tional Stud­ ies at Og­ le­ thorpe Uni­ ver­ sity. His con­ cen­ tra­ tions are in Eu­ ro­ pean inter­ na­ tional and Rus­ sian his­ to­ ries. He also holds an MSc from the Lon­ don ­ School of Eco­ nom­ ics ­ through the De­ part­ ment of Inter­ na­ tional His­ tory. He is the au­ thor of Roads to Glory: Late Im­ pe­ rial Rus­ sia and the Turk­ ish ­ Straits (I. B. Tau­ ris, 2006). He has also ­ taught at Wake For­ est Uni­ ver­ sity, where he is cur­ rently ­ interim chair of the His­ tory De­ part­ ment, and Duke Uni­ ver­ sity. Nazan Çiçek (PhD, ­ School of Orien­ tal and ­ African Stud­ ies, Uni­ ver­ sity of Lon­ don, 2006) is the au­ thor of The Young Ot­ to­ mans: Turk­ ish Crit­ ics of the East­ ern Ques­ tion in the Late Nine­ teenth Cen­ tury (I. B. Tau­ ris, 2010). She cur­ rently ­ teaches at An­ kara Uni­ ver­ sity in the Fa­ culty of Po­ lit­ i­ cal Sci­ ences. She has pub­ lished ar­ ti­ cles on the po­ lit­ i­ cal and in­ tel­ lec­ tual his­ tory of the Ot­ to­ man Em­ pire and the Turk­ ish Re­ pub­ lic in sev­ eral jour­ nals in­ clud­ ing Mid­ dle East­ ern Stud­ ies and ­ Études Bal­ ka­ niques. Jack Fai­ rey (PhD, Uni­ ver­ sity of To­ ronto, 2004) is an as­ sist­ ant pro­ fes­ sor of his­ tory at the Na­ tional Uni­ ver­ sity of Sin­ ga­ pore. His re­ search deals pri­ mar­ ily with the Or­ tho­ dox Chris­ tian peo­ ples of the Near East and the his­ tory of the­ nineteenth-century Med­ i­ ter­ ra­ nean. He was the Ted and ­ Elaine Ath­ a­ nas­ siades­ Post-Doctoral Re­ search Fel­ low at the Pro­ gram in Hel­ lenic Stud­ ies at Prince­ ton in 2005–6 and pre­ vi­ ously ­ taught Med­ i­ ter­ ra­ nean and Ot­ to­ man his­ tory at ­ Queens 348 Contributors Uni­ ver­ sity and York Uni­ ver­ sity in On­ ta­ rio, Can­ ada. He is cur­ rently com­ plet­ ing a mono­ graph on the inter­ na­ tional cri­ sis over re­ li­ gious priv­ i­ leges and pro­ tec­ to­ rates in the Ot­ to­ man Em­ pire that gave rise to the Cri­ mean War. Lu­ cien J. Frary (PhD, Uni­ ver­ sity of Min­ ne­ sota, 2003) is an as­ so­ ciate pro­ fes­ sor of his­ tory at Rider Uni­ ver­ sity. His main areas of inter­ est are Med­ i­ ter­ ra­ nean,­ Slavic, and East­ ern Or­ tho­ dox stud­ ies. He is the au­ thor of ar­ ti­ cles and re­ views in schol­ arly jour­ nals such as Rus­ sian His­ tory, Med­ i­ ter­ ra­ nean His­ tor­ i­ cal Re­ view, Kri­ tika, and Mod­ ern Greek Stud­ ies Year­ book. He is cur­ rently com­ plet­ ing a mono­ graph about Rus­ sia and the mak­ ing of mod­ ern ­ Greece. Mara Ko­ zel­ sky is an as­ so­ ciate pro­ fes­ sor of his­ tory at the Uni­ ver­ sity of South Al­ a­ bama. Her areas of inter­ est in­ clude re­ li­ gious and po­ lit­ i­ cal his­ tory, his­ tory of Rus­ sia and ­ Ukraine, and the Cri­ mean War. Her study Chris­ tian­ iz­ ing Cri­ mea: Shap­ ing Sa­ cred Space in the Rus­ sian Em­ pire and Be­ yond was pub­ lished in 2010 (North­ ern Il­ li­ nois Uni...


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