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xi List of Ab­ bre­ vi­ a­ tions Archives AVPRI Ark­ hiv Vnesh­ nei Pol­ i­ tiki Ros­ siis­ kii Im­ pe­ rii, Mos­ cow, Rus­ sia AHMAE Archives His­ to­ riques du ­ Ministère des Af­ faires ­ Etrangères, Paris, ­ France BOA Ba¸sba­ kanlık Os­ manlı Ar¸sivi, I ˙ stan­ bul, Tur­ key CDA Cen­ tralen Dyr­ zha­ ven ­ Arkhiv, Sofia, Bul­ garia GAARK Gos­ u­ darsv­ ten­ nyi Ark­ hiv Av­ tomna Re­ spu­ blika Krym, Sim­ fer­ o­ pol, Cri­ mea GARF Gos­ u­ darst­ ven­ nyi Ark­ hiv Ros­ siis­ koi Fed­ e­ rat­ sii, Mos­ cow, Rus­ sia HAA Hay­ as­ tani Az­ gayin Ark­ hiv, Yere­ van, Ar­ me­ nia HHSA Haus-, Hof- und Staat­ sar­ chiv, ­ Vienna, Aus­ tria OR RNB Otdel ru­ ko­ pi­ sei, Ros­ siis­ kaia ­ Natsional’naia Bib­ lio­ teka, St. Pe­ ters­ burg, Rus­ sia RGADA Ros­ siis­ kii Gos­ u­ darst­ ven­ nyi Ark­ hiv Drev­ nikh Aktov, Mos­ cow, Rus­ sia RGIA Ros­ siis­ kii Gos­ u­ darst­ ven­ nyi Is­ tor­ i­ ches­ kii Ark­ hiv, St. Pe­ ters­ burg, Rus­ sia RGVIA Ros­ siis­ kii Gos­ u­ darst­ ven­ nyi ­ Voenno-Istoricheskii Ark­ hiv, Mos­ cow, Rus­ sia STsSA Sa­ kart­ ve­ los Tsen­ tra­ luri Sais­ to­ rio, Tbi­ lisi, Geor­ gia TNA FO The Na­ tional Archives, ­ Foreign Of­ fice, Kew, United King­ dom xii List of Abbreviations Archi­ val and Jour­ nal No­ ta­ tion f. fond (col­ lec­ tion) op. opis’ (in­ ven­ tory) d. delo (file) kn. kniga (book) l., ll. list, listy (leaf, ­ leaves) ­ Russian-Ottoman Bor­ der­ lands ...


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