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vii Con­ tents Pref­ ace ix List of Ab­ bre­ vi­ a­ tions xi Intro­ duc­ tion: The East­ ern Ques­ tion Re­ con­ sid­ ered 3 Lu­ cien J. Frary and Mara Ko­ zel­ sky The Rus­ sian Pro­ tec­ to­ rate in the Da­ nu­ bian Prin­ ci­ pal­ ities: Leg­ a­ cies of the East­ ern Ques­ tion in Con­ tem­ po­ rary Russian-Romanian Re­ la­ tions 35 Vic­ tor Taki “Dread­ ful ­ Scenes of Carn­ age on Both Sides”: The Strang­ ford Files and the East­ ern Cri­ sis of 1821–1822 73 Theo­ phi­ lus C. Prou­ sis­ Slaves of the Sul­ tan: Rus­ sian Ran­ som­ ing of Chris­ tian Cap­ tives dur­ ing the Greek Rev­ o­ lu­ tion, 1821–1830 101 Lu­ cien J. Frary­ Russia’s Quest for the Holy Grail: Rel­ ics, Li­ tur­ gics, and­ Great-Power Pol­ i­ tics in the Ot­ to­ man Em­ pire 131 Jack Fai­ rey The Cri­ mean War and the Tatar Ex­ o­ dus 165 Mara Ko­ zel­ sky Rus­ sia, Mount Athos, and the East­ ern Ques­ tion, 1878–1914 193 Lora Gerd viii Contents “Forty Years of Black Days”? The Rus­ sian Ad­ min­ is­ tra­ tion of Kars, Ar­ da­ han, and Batum, 1878–1918 221 Can­ dan Badem The Idea of an East­ ern Fed­ er­ a­ tion: An Al­ ter­ na­ tive to the De­ struc­ tion of the Ot­ to­ man Em­ pire 251 John A. Mazis Squab­ bling over the ­ Spoils: Late Im­ pe­ rial ­ Russia’s Ri­ valry with ­ France in the Near East 281 Ro­ nald P. Bo­ broff The East­ ern Ques­ tion in Turk­ ish Re­ pub­ li­ can Text­ books: Set­ tling Old ­ Scores with the Eu­ ro­ pean and the Ot­ to­ man “Other” 303 Nazan Çiçek Epi­ logue: Leg­ a­ cies of the East­ ern Ques­ tion 331 Lu­ cien J. Frary and Mara Ko­ zel­ sky Con­ trib­ u­ tors 347 Index 351 ...


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