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FOREWORD AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ERIC NORDLINGER completed Isolationism Reconfigured just prior to his untimely death from illness in June 1994. Had he lived even a short while longer, he would have been able to compose a preface to this book and to acknowledge the support and assistance he received from many quarters in its preparation, drafting, and revision. We can hope to provide only a rough and surely incomplete approximation of the acknowledgments Eric would have wished to make, using secondhand knowledge and a perusal of Eric’s records of written correspondence. From the beginnings of this project, Eric relied heavily on support and advice from Samuel P. Huntington and from Robert Jervis, whom Eric had known for many years, originally through various mutual affiliations at Harvard’s Center for International Affairs. Sam and Bob read from multiple drafts of the manuscript as it evolved, and Sam’s John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies helped finance its preparation. Since Eric had written his previous books in various nonsecurity fields such as comparative politics, political sociology, political development, political theory , and even urban politics, he knew he would come under careful scrutiny by security specialists when this work finally appeared. The chance to preview his controversial argument with Sam and Bob was an obvious scholarly benefit, and, we know, a source of deep personal collegial satisfaction. A number of other colleagues were helpful and supportive in the preparation of this work over the years. However, because Eric relied on his memory more than on written files, we can name with confidence only a few of those whom Eric would have wished to thank for providing thoughtful, insightful comments. Among them are Ted Galen Carpenter, Stephen D. Krasner, and Richard Ned Lebow. Richard Smoke and Tonm Gleason are among the colleagues at Brown University and the Watson Institute for International Studies whose advice Eric sought. Nancy L. Rosenblum, Eric’s friend and colleague at Brown, not only provided him with an ongoing forum for debate while they traveled together between Boston and Providence, she gave Eric extraordinary support during his final semester of teaching and the resources to complete this manuscript. In my own capacity as a colleague and a close personal friend, I too, had opportunities to react to earlier versions of this work over the years. I was honored when Eric requested my assistance toward the end of his illness in seeing the final manuscript through to publication. FOREWORD AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS x Institutional debts are also acknowledged. Eric received support along the way from the Olin Institute, the Cato Institute, and from the Center for Foreign Policy Development at Brown University. Grace de Magistris at the Olin Institute expertly typed many manuscript drafts for Eric, as did Margaret Soares, who typed the final manuscript at Brown. Matthew Woods, a graduate student in Brown’s political science department, helped complete references and provided generous assistance at a critical time. Thanks are also owed to Princeton University Press for accommodating the circumstances that attended the final book editing and production . Eric took enormous satisfaction from knowing, before his death, that Isolationism Reconfigured would get Princeton’s trademark professional treatment. Although he knew that I would be helping to oversee that process, he could not have known that Princeton would eventually ask Marianne Perlak, who is my wife, to help design the book. He would have approved, since Marianne was also a friend, and the designer of a previous book he published. Eric’s wife, Carol Uhl-Nordlinger, knew better than anyone the importance of bringing this project to a successful completion. For her large role in doing so and the strength she gave to all, we are most in debt. Robert L. Paarlberg Cambridge, Massachusetts August, 1994 Isolationism Reconfigured ...


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