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Contents Chapter 1. Introduction: American Exceptionalism and Human Rights 1 Michael Ignatieff PART I. THE VARIETIES OF EXCEPTIONALISM 27 Chapter 2. The Exceptional First Amendment 29 Frederick Schauer Chapter 3. Capital Punishment and American Exceptionalism 57 Carol S. Steiker Chapter 4. Why Does the American Constitution Lack Social and Economic Guarantees? 90 Cass R. Sunstein Chapter 5. America’s Jekyll-and-Hyde Exceptionalism 111 Harold Hongju Koh PART II. EXPLAINING EXCEPTIONALISM 145 Chapter 6. The Paradox of U.S. Human Rights Policy 147 Andrew Moravcsik Chapter 7. American Exceptionalism, Popular Sovereignty, and the Rule of Law 198 Paul W. Kahn PART III. EVALUATING EXCEPTIONALISM 223 Chapter 8. American Exceptionalism: The New Version 225 Stanley Hoffmann Chapter 9. Integrity-Anxiety? 241 Frank I. Michelman Chapter 10. A Brave New Judicial World 277 Anne-Marie Slaughter C ON TE NT S vi Chapter 11. American Exceptionalism, Exemptionalism, and Global Governance 304 John Gerard Ruggie Contributors 339 Index 341 AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM AND HUMAN RIGHTS ...