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Science Secrets The Truth about Darwin’s Finches, Einstein’s Wife, and Other Mths ALBERTO A. MARTÍNEZ Martínez Pittsburgh Science Secrets H I S T O RY O F S C I E N C E “Martínez refutes several well-established myths and misunderstandings in the history of science. This is at once a work of solid scholarship and an education in how to do history of science, and it can be read with pleasure and excitement by anyone who cares about the place of science in the modern world.” —Jeremy Gray, The Open University “Alberto Martínez has achieved a very difficult goal. He has written a book concerning various myths about the history of science that will be very interesting to, and understood by, a generally educated reader. At the same time, his scholarship is so careful that the book will be of value to professional historians and philosophers of science. The episodes, which range from Galileo to Einstein, are fascinating and well chosen.” —Allan Franklin, University of Colorado University of Pittsburgh Press Was Darwin really inspired by Galápagos finches? Did Einstein’s wife secretly contribute to his theories? Did Franklin fly a kite in a thunderstorm? Did a falling apple lead Newton to universal gravity? Did Galileo drop objects from the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Did Einstein really believe in God? Science Secrets answers these questions and many others—it explores how myths evolve in the history of science. Some tales are partly true, others are mostly false, yet all illuminate the tension between the need to fairly describe the past and the natural desire to fill in the blanks. Energetically narrated, Science Secrets pits famous myths against extensive research from primary sources in order to accurately portray important episodes in the sciences. Alberto A. Martínez analyzes how such myths grow and rescues neglected facts that are more captivating than famous fictions. Moreover, he shows why opinions that were once secret and seemingly impossible are now scientifically compelling. The book includes new findings related to the Copernican revolution, alchemy, Pythagoras, young Einstein, and other events and figures in the history of science. Photo by Judy Hogan Alberto A. Martínez is associate professor of history at the University of Texas at Austin. He is author of Kinematics: The Lost Origins of Einstein’s Relativity and Negative Math: How Mathematical Rules Can Be Positively Bent. ISBN 13: 978-0-8229-4407-2 ISBN 10: 0-8229-4407-3 $24.95 Cover design: Gary Gore ...


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