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Steven Kull Feeling Betrayed THE ROOTS OF MUSLIM ANGER AT AMERICA StevenKull_6.indd 2 3/10/11 9:45 PM “Steven Kull’s Feeling Betrayed breaks new ground and is a must-read for academics and policymakers. It is an in-depth study of Muslim attitudes toward the United States. The findings culled from numerous public opinion polls and focus groups give an accurate picture of the concerns, hopes, and political and ideological inclinations of citizens in Muslim majority countries, which I have used during my work for the government and since.”—Emile Nakhleh, former director, CIA Political Islam Strategic Analysis Program, and author of A Necessary Engagement: Reinventing America’s Relations with the Muslim World “The democratic revolution throughout the Middle East compels the Obama administration to rethink U.S. policy to meet a profoundly changed region. Steven Kull’s excellent Feeling Betrayed provides the data needed to make informed policy. The book is written by the voices of millions of Arabs. We would be wise to heed their message.”—Wendy Chamberlin, president of the Middle East Institute, former U.S. ambassador to Pakistan “I highly recommend this thoughtful and well-informed book. Steven Kull adds a unique perspective as a leading scholar of public opinion with a global view that helps place Muslim anger with America in a broader perspective.”—Shibley Telhami, Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development, University of Maryland Steven Kull, a political psychologist, is director of both the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) at the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland and, an international project studying public opinion around the world. He also conducts international polling for BBC World Service. He is coauthor (with I. M. Destler) of Misreading the Public: The Myth of a New Isolationism (Brookings). BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRESS Washington, D.C. Feeling Betrayed Cover photo ©REUTERS/Jerry Lampen Jacket Design by Peggy Archambault Feeling Betrayed Kull Advance Praise for Brookings_Kull_SoftCover.indd 1 3/14/11 5:43 PM ...


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