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contents Acknowledgments ix A Note on Sources and List of Abbreviations xi Contributors xiii Introduction 1 Jacob Golomb and Robert S. Wistrich part one: in theory 1. How to De-Nazify Nietzsche’s Philosophical Anthropology? 19 Jacob Golomb 2. Misinterpretation as the Author’s Responsibility (Nietzsche’s fascism, for instance) 47 Berel Lang 3. Experiences with Nietzsche 66 Wolfgang Müller-Lauter 4. Nietzsche and “Hitler” 90 Alexander Nehamas 5. Nietzsche and the Jews 107 Menahem Brinker 6. Nietzsche contra Wagner on the Jews 126 Yirmiyahu Yovel 7. Between the Cross and the Swastika: A Nietzschean Perspective 144 Robert S. Wistrich part two: in practice 8. Ecce Caesar: Nietzsche’s Imperial Aspirations 173 Daniel W. Conway viii 䡲 contents 9. A Question of Responsibility: Nietzsche with Hölderlin at War, 1914 – 1946 196 Stanley Corngold and Geoffrey Waite 10. The Elisabeth Legend: The Cleansing of Nietzsche and the Sullying of His Sister 215 Robert C. Holub 11. Nietzsche, Mussolini, and Italian Fascism 235 Mario Sznajder 12. Nietzsche and the Fascist Dimension: The Case of Ernst Jünger 263 David Ohana 13. A Godfather Too: Nazism as a Nietzschean “Experiment” 291 Kurt Rudolf Fischer 14. Critique as Apologetics: Nolte’s Interpretation of Nietzsche 301 Roderick Stackelberg Works of Nietzsche Cited 321 Select Bibliography 323 Index 333 ...


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