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Appendix B Musical Items Performed at the Pekin Theater, Chicago, 1906–1911 M = music; T = text. Actin’ Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be The Grafters, 3/4/07 M: Joe Jordan Ain’t Goin’ t’ Bother That Count of No-Account, 12/17/06 (Harrison Stewart) Alabama Cadets, The The Man From ’Bam, 3/31/06 (George Henry) M: Joe Jordan; T: Collin Davis All for Your Love Captain Rufus, 7/1/07 (Ras. Jones) M: H. Lawrence Freeman All That I Ask of You Is Love S. S. Hotel, 1/30/11 (Marie Burton) M: Herbert Ingraham; T: Edgar Selden Pub: Shapiro (New York, 1910) America Captain Rufus, 7/1/07 (soldiers) M: James T. Brymn Answer Me The Husband, 4/22/07 As Long as the World Rolls On My Nephew’s Wife, 3/15/08 (Effie King and chorus) M: Ernest R. Ball; T: Geo. Graff Jr. Pub: Witmark (New York, 1907) Awful Panama, 12/10/07 (Harrison Stewart, Leona Marshall, et al.) T: Charles A. Hunter Bachelor Am I, A Count of No-Account, 12/17/06 (J. Ed. Green and male chorus) Battle Cry, The Captain Rufus, 7/1/07 (J. F. Mores and soldiers) M: H. Lawrence Freeman Bear Cat Rag. See Oh You Bear Cat Rag Bee That Gets the Honey [Doesn’t Hang Around the Hive], The The Isle of Pines, 9/15/07 (Matt Marshall and dancing girls) M: J. Fred Helf; T: Ed Rose Pub: Helf & Hager Co. (New York, 1906) 168 Appendix B Belle of San Domingo, The The Grafters, 3/4/07 M: Joe Jordan Big Sensation Lost and Found, 1/16/11 (Gertie Brown) Black Rat Ballet The Grafters, 3/4/07 Blackbirds Wooing The Isle of Pines, 9/15/07 (Ada Banks and Herbert Sutton) M: James T. Brymn; T: Billy Johnson Boodle Man, The The Follies of 1908, 4/13/08 (Elvira Johnson and pickaninnies) M: Bernard A. Adler; T: Victor H. Smalley Pub: M. Witmark & Sons (New York, 1908) Boston Society Girls The Census Taker, 10/17/10 (chorus) M: Sam Stewart; T: Jerry Mills Bungaloo The Man From ’Bam, 3/31/06 M: Joe Jordan; T: Collin Davis {“With You in a Bungaloo,” M: Albert von Tilzer, T: Fred Wayne Pub: York Music Co. (New York, 1904)} Candle and the Star, The (song and chorus) The Grafters, 3/4/07 M: James T. Brymn; T: R. C. McPherson, J. Ed. Green Pub: Thompson Music Co. (Chicago, 1907) Carolina Volunteers The Isle of Pines, 9/15/07 (Ras. Jones and Volunteers) M: Billy Johnson; T: Billy Johnson Pub: Howley, Dresser & Co. (New York, 1904) Caroline, My Dusky Valentine The Isle of Pines, 9/15/07 (Billy Johnson and chorus) M: James T. Brymn; T: Billy Johnson Cast a Vote for Markum The Isle of Pines, 9/15/07 (finale: company ) M: James T. Brymn; T: Billy Johnson Chief of the Aggregation Captain Rufus, 7/1/07 (Matt Marshall and Filipinos) M: Joe Jordan Pub: Modern Music Publishers (Chicago , 1907) Chink, Chink, Chinaman A Night in New York’s Chinatown, 11/21/10 (Tom Brown) M: J. Rosamond Johnson; T: Alex Rogers Pub: Will Rossiter (Chicago, 1909) {From Mr. Lode of Koal (1909), sung by Tom Brown and Siren Nevarro} Chocolate Mandy The Census Taker, 10/17/10 (Sidney Perrin) M: Sidney Perrin {From The Colored Aristocrats (Miller and Lyles), 1909} Cindy Lize Count of No-Account, 12/17/06 (Nettie Lewis and chorus) Come Out and Shine, Oh Mister Moon My Nephew’s Wife, 3/15/08 (Charles Gilpin and chorus) M: Bonita; T: Harry D. Kerr Pub: M. Witmark & Sons (New York, 1907) {From the show Wine, Women, and Song} Appendix B 169 Common Sense, I’ve Got Good Captain Rufus, 7/29/07 (Harrison Stewart) The Husband, 5/31/09 (Harrison Stewart) M and T: Chris Smith and John Larkins Pub: Thompson Music Co. (Chicago, 1907) Cosey Rag, The Dr. Herb’s Prescription, 1/23/11 (Shelton Brooks) S. S. Hotel, 1/30/11 M and T: Shelton Brooks Pub: Will Rossiter (Chicago, 1911) Count of No-Account Count of No-Account, 12/17/06 (Harrison Stewart and male chorus) Cows Are in the Clover No Place Like Home, 10/31/10 (Fanny Wise) Cupid Honolulu, 2/18/07 (L. E. Chenault and company) M: Paul Schindler; T: Bob Adams Pub: Chas. K. Harris (New York, 1905) Daddy’s a Jonah Man Peanutville, 10/13/07 (Nettie Lewis and chorus) M: James T...


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