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Chronology 1763 British annex Florida. 1763–1841 Canada divided into Upper (Ontario) and Lower (Quebec). 1772 Knowles v. Somersett decision against slaveholding in England. 1775 Lord Dunmore offers freedom to loyalist slaves in Virginia. 1776–83 War of Independence between United States and Britain. 1777 Vermont abolishes slavery. 1780 Pennsylvania abolishes slavery. 1783 Florida returned to Spain. 1789 The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano. 1789–99 French Revolution. 1791 Slave revolt in St. Domingue. 1793 Fugitive Slave Law in United States. Imperial Act prohibits slave importation to Upper Canada. British invade St. Domingue. 1794 France abolishes colonial slavery. 1795 Slave revolts in Curaçao, Grenada, and Louisiana. 1795–1808 British West India regiments of ex-slaves. 1798 British withdraw from St. Domingue. 1802 France reinstitutes colonial slavery. 1803 Louisiana Territory purchased by United States from France. 1804 Haitian independence and abolition of slavery. 1805 Slave conspiracy in Trinidad. 1806–18 Civil War in Haiti. 1807 Britain legislates abolition of its transatlantic slave trade. 1808 United States abolishes transatlantic slave trade. Britain implements abolition of its transatlantic slave trade. 1808–26 Spanish American Wars of Independence. 1811 Slave revolt in Louisiana. Free Womb Law in Chile. 1812 José Aponte’s revolt in Cuba. Slave conspiracy in Peru. 1812–14 War between the United States and Britain. 1813 Free Womb Law in Argentina. xxiv chronology 1816 Slave revolt in Barbados. New Constitution in Haiti. Simón Bolívar visits Haiti. 1817 Samuel Ward born in Maryland. Deep Nine goes to Haiti. 1817–18 First Seminole War in Florida. 1819 Adams-Onis Treaty between United States and Spain. 1821 Mexican independence. Free Womb Law in Columbia and Peru. 1822 Haiti invades Santo Domingo and abolishes slavery. Denmark Vesey’s conspiracy in South Carolina. 1823 Chile abolishes slavery. 1825 France recognizes Haiti for 150m franc indemnity. Free Womb Law in Uruguay. 1826 Slave revolt aboard the Decatur. 1827 New York abolishes slavery. Mary Prince goes to London and becomes free. 1829 Mexico abolishes slavery. David Walker’s Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World. Slave revolt aboard the Lafayette. 1830 Wilberforce Settlement in Upper Canada. 1831 Nat Turner’s revolt in Virginia. Mary Prince’s The History of Mary Prince. 1831–32 Slave revolt in Jamaica. 1833 British Emancipation Act legislates colonial abolition. 1834 Great Britain implements colonial abolition. 1835 Slave revolt in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. 1835–42 Second Seminole War in Florida. 1837 William Lyon McKenzie’s rebellion in Upper Canada. 1837–1917 Asian indentured workers transported to British Caribbean. 1839 Slave revolt aboard the Amistad. 1841 Slave revolt aboard the Creole. Slave conspiracy in lower Mississippi Valley. 1841–67 Canada divided into West (Ontario) and East (Quebec). 1841–68 Dawn Settlement in Canada West. 1842 Webster-Ashburton Treaty between United States and United Kingdom. James Silk Buckingham’s The Slave States of America. British East India Company abolishes slavery in India. 1845 Florida becomes twenty-seventh state. Texas becomes twenty-eighth state. chronology xxv 1845–49 Great Potato Famine in Ireland. 1846–48 War between the United States and Mexico. 1847 Liberia declares independence. 1848 France abolishes colonial slavery. Denmark abolishes colonial slavery. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo between United States and Mexico. 1849 Henry Bibb’s Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb. 1850 Fugitive Slave Law in United States. Elgin Settlement in Canada West. Brazil abolishes transatlantic slave trade. 1851 Anti-Slavery Society of Canada. Voice of the Fugitive in Canada West. 1852–55 Civil War in Peru. 1853 Henry Bleby’s The Death Struggles of Slavery. Argentina abolishes slavery. 1854 Provincial Freeman in Canada West. Peru abolishes slavery. Venezuela abolishes slavery. 1855 Samuel Ringgold Ward’s Autobiography of a Fugitive Negro. 1856 Rebellion in British Guyana. 1857 Eureka settlement in Mexico. Dred Scott v. Sandford in United States. 1859 John Brown’s raid in Virginia. 1861 Dominican Republic reverts to Spanish control. 1861–65 U.S. Civil War. 1862–65 Cotton cultivation in India, Egypt, and Brazil. 1863 Netherlands abolishes colonial slavery. Emancipation Proclamation in United States. 1864 Massacre of black soldiers at Fort Pillow, Tennessee. 1865 United States abolishes slavery. Revolt at Morant Bay, Jamaica. Dominican Republic declares independence. 1865–70 War of Triple Alliance. 1866 Samuel Ward dies in Jamaica. Jamaica reverts to Crown Colony status. Spain abolishes transatlantic slave trade. 1867 Canada adopts Dominion status in British Empire. 1867–77 U.S. Congressional Reconstruction. 1868–78 First War of Independence in Cuba. 1870 Free Womb Law in Spanish Antilles. xxvi...


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