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A Nation Divided: Studies in the Civil War Era Neither Ballots nor Bullets: Women Abolitionists and the Civil War Wendy Hamand Venet Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia Ervin L. Jordan Jr. Longstreet’s Aide: The Civil War Letters of Major Thomas J. Goree Thomas W. Cutrer Lee’s Young Artillerist: William R. J. Pegram Peter S. Carmichael Yankee Correspondence: Civil War Letters between New England Soldiers and the Homefront Nina Silber and Mary Beth Sievens, editors Southern Rights: Political Prisoners and the Myth of Confederate Constitutionalism Mark E. Neely Jr. Apostles of Disunion: Southern Secession Commissioners and the Causes of the Civil War Charles B. Dew Exile in Richmond: The Confederate Journal of Henri Garidel Michael Bedout Chesson and Leslie Jean Roberts, editors Ashe County’s Civil War: Community and Society in the Appalachian South Martin Crawford The War Hits Home: The Civil War in Southeastern Virginia Brian Steel Wills Lincoln’s Tragic Admiral: The Life of Samuel Francis Du Pont Kevin J. Weddle A Separate Civil War: Communities in Conflict in the Mountain South Jonathan Dean Sarris Civil War Petersburg: Confederate City in the Crucible of War A. Wilson Greene Take Care of the Living: Reconstructing Confederate Veteran Families in Virginia Jeffrey W. McClurken The Big House after Slavery: Virginia Plantation Families and Their Postbellum Experiment Amy Feely Morsman The Enemy Within: Fears of Corruption in the Civil War North Michael Thomas Smith Civil War Talks: Further Reminiscences of George S. Bernard and His Fellow Veterans Hampton Newsome, John Horn, and John G. Selby, editors Worth a Dozen Men: Women and Nursing in the Civil War South Libra R. Hilde Reconstructing the Campus: Higher Education and the American Civil War Michael David Cohen Frederick Douglass: A Life in Documents L. Diane Barnes, editor Confederate Visions: Nationalism, Symbolism, and the Imagined South in the Civil War Ian Binnington Marching Masters: Slavery, Race, and the Confederate Army during the Civil War Colin Edward Woodward ...


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