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Preface vii 1 How Corruption Compromises World Peace and Stability 1 Robert I. Rotberg 2 Defining Corruption: Implications for Action 27 Laura S. Underkuffler 3 Defining and Measuring Corruption: Where Have We Come From, Where Are We Now, and What Matters for the Future? 47 Nathaniel Heller 4 Corruption in the Wake of Domestic National Conflict 66 Susan Rose-Ackerman 5 Kleptocratic Interdependence: Trafficking, Corruption, and the Marriage of Politics and Illicit Profits 96 Kelly M. Greenhill 6 Corruption and Nuclear Proliferation 124 Matthew Bunn 7 To Bribe or to Bomb: Do Corruption and Terrorism Go Together? 167 Jessica C. Teets and Erica Chenoweth v Contents 00 0328-0 fm.qxd 7/15/09 3:42 PM Page v vi Contents 8 Corruption, the Criminalized State, and Post-Soviet Transitions 194 Robert Legvold 9 Combating Corruption in Traditional Societies: Papua New Guinea 239 Sarah Dix and Emmanuel Pok 10 The Travails of Nigeria’s Anti-Corruption Crusade 260 Rotimi T. Suberu 11 The Paradoxes of Popular Participation in Corruption in Nigeria 283 Daniel Jordan Smith 12 Corruption and Human Rights: Exploring the Connection 310 Lucy Koechlin and Magdalena Sepúlveda Carmona 13 Leadership Alters Corrupt Behavior 341 Robert I. Rotberg 14 The Role of the Multi-National Corporation in the Long War against Corruption 359 Ben W. Heineman, Jr. 15 The Organization of Anti-Corruption: Getting Incentives Right 389 Johann Graf Lambsdorff 16 A Coalition to Combat Corruption: TI, EITI, and Civil Society 416 Peter Eigen 17 Reducing Corruption in the Health and Education Sectors 430 Charles C. Griffin 18 Good Governance, Anti-Corruption, and Economic Development 457 Jomo Kwame Sundaram Contributors 469 Index 477 00 0328-0 fm.qxd 7/15/09 3:42 PM Page vi ...


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