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Acknowledgments My interest and fascination with Elizabeth is long-standing and I have worked on this study for a long time. The research for the first major portion of it was accomplished in the summer of 1980 at the University of Kansas as part of a Ford Foundation fellowship on changing public roles for women. In the more than a decade since I have had financial support and reduced instructional responsibilities from institutions where I have taught, particularly SUNY College at New Paltz. I am greatly appreciative of the generosity of this institution. The support and encouragement I have received from SUNY/New Paltz and the New Paltz Foundation were critical in allowing me to finish this project. I was also able to do a sub­ stantial portion of the research for this project while a Monticello College Foundation Fellow at the Newberry Library in 1987. The major portion of this book was completed while at the Folger Shakespeare Library on a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship in 1991–92. The staff and other scholars at the Folger were especially helpful as I moved into the final stage of this project. I am deeply grateful to these institutions for their generosity and help as well as to the librarians at Harvard University, the University of Chicago, and Princeton University where some of the research was accomplished. I also thank the British Library for allowing me to quote from the Lansdowne Manuscripts, which I used in microfilm while at the Folger Shakespeare Library. Many scholars have been most generous in their help and support, particularly Carol Brobeck, Sara Eaton, Ronald Fritze, Joan Kessler, Elaine Kruse, Amos Lee Laine, Elizabeth Mazzola, Cary Nederman, Carol Neely, James Schiffer, Martha Skeeters, Howard Solomon, Gerald Sorin, Maarten Ultec, Retha Warnicke, and Jenny Wormald. Jo Eldridge Carney, Patricia Crawford, Dennis Moore, Malcolm Smuts, and Lena Cowen Or­ lin each read portions of the manuscript. Ilona Bell, Ruth Elwell, John King, Karen Lindsey, Terry Murphy, Geoffrey Parker, Winfried Schleiner, and A. J. Slavin each read the manuscript in its entirety. I am deeply grate­ ful to all of them. Their comments and suggestions were immeasurably helpful and I hope made this a better book. What errors remain are of course my own. I am also most appreciative of Rona Ackerman, Arlen Feldwick, Katy Currey, Rick and Casey Gershon, Nancy Kassop, Pamela Laird, Mary Ann Lee, Jo Mano, Banisa St. Damian, Lynn Spangler, Pat Sullivan, and Jeanie Watson, friends and colleagues who listened and gave me support and encouragment when I needed it. Joe Silvestri, Desirée Moyer, Bill Shields, and Adam Schenkman provided research support and Ruth Elwell was responsible for the index. The staff, particularly Jerry Singerman, at the University of Pennsyl­ vania Press were wonderful people with whom to work. I am especially grateful to my series editor, Peter Stallybrass. Portions of this book were published in very different form in the journals Albion and The Shakespeare Yearbook, and in the collections, Jean R. Brink, Allison P. Coudert, and Maryanne C. Horowitz, eds., The Politics of Gender (Sixteenth Century Essays and Studies, Volume XII, 1989) and Janet Sharistanian, ed., Gender, Ideology, and Action: Historical Perspectives on Women’s Public Lives (Westport, CT.: Greenwood Publishing Group, 1986). I appreciate permission to use this material in this book. 246  Acknowledgments ...


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