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vii Abbreviations and Acronyms ACALAN African Academy of Languages ACP Africa, Caribbean and Pacific ACPA African Climate Policy Centre ADB African Development Bank AD African Diaspora AFREC Africa Energy Commission AMCOST African Ministerial Council on Science and Technology APRM African Peer Review Mechanism APSA African Peace and Security Architecture AU African Union BRICS Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa CBN Central Bank of Nigeria CEWS Continental Early Warning System COMESA Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa COMEDAF Conference of Ministers of Education of the African Union CPA Comprehensive Peace Agreement CPI Corruption Perceptions Index EC European Commission ECCAS Economic Community of Central African States ECOSOCC Economic Social and Cultural Council ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States EDF European Development Fund EU European Union FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation FOCAC Forum on China-Africa Cooperation GNSED Global Network for Sustainable Energy Development HID Human Development Index IAK Indigenous African Knowledge ICD Independent Complaints Directorate IGAD Intergovernmental Authority on Development in Eastern Africa ICD Independent Complaints Directorate viii ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS ILO International Labour Organisation IPI International Peace Institute IPID Independent Police Investigative Directorate MDGs Millennium Development Goals NEEDS National Economic Empowerment Programme Strategy NEPAD New Partnership for Africa’s Development NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation OA Organic Agriculture PAP Pan-African Parliament PIDA Programme on Infrastructure Development in Africa PSC Peace and Security Council RECs Regional Economic Communities SADC Southern African Development Community SAP Structural Adjustment Programme SAP South African Police SARPCCO Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation SIT Social Identity Theory SMEs Small and Medium Enterprises TNCs Transnational Corporations UNCAC United Nations Convention Against Corruption UNCTAD United Nations Centre for Trade and Development UNDP United Nations Development Programme UNECA United Nations Economic Commission for Africa UNEP United Nations Environment Programme UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHDI UN Human Development Index UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organisation UNTOC UN Convention against Transnational Organised Crime USAID United States Agency for International Development USGS US Geological Survey WADU World African Diaspora Union WSSD World Summit on Sustainable Development WTO World Trade Organisation ...


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