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175 APPENDIX 1 List of Architectural Drawings and Lithographic Renderings of Buildings and Projects by Gridley J. F. Bryant Rostrum, Faneuil Hall, Boston, 1840 [Boston Public Library] Mount Auburn Cemetery Chapel Project, 1843 [Historic New England] House for Jonathan Preston (unlabeled, previously identified as Gardner Brewer), Boston, 1844 [Bostonian Society] Suffolk County Jail Project, South Boston, 1845, color lithograph [Historic New England] House for Henry Williams, Salem, 1846 [Peabody-Essex Museum] Second floor plan (unidentified house), 1846 [Library of Congress] Art Building Project, Harvard College, 1847 [Harvard University Archives] Lawrence Scientific School and Residence Project, 1847 [Harvard University Archives] Suffolk County Jail, Boston, 1848, color lithograph [Historic New England] Deer Island Almshouse, Boston, 1849, color lithograph [Historic New England] House for John Tucker Daland, Salem, 1851 [Peabody-Essex Museum] United State Custom House, San Francisco, 1851 [National Archives] Alterations to House of James Beal, Boston, 1852 [Historic New England] Pacific Mills, Lawrence, 1852 [American Textile History Museum] Addition to Massachusetts State House, Boston, 1853 [Winterthur Library] Interior alterations, Faneuil Hall, Boston, 1853 [Boston Public Library] Nahant House Additions, Nahant, 1853, color lithograph [Historic New England] House for Joseph Titcomb, Kennebunk, Maine, 1854 [Brick Store Museum] Mercantile Building for Emery Fay, Boston, 1855, color lithograph [Historic New England] Baltimore City Jail, Baltimore, 1856 [Baltimore City Museum] Dormitory Project, Harvard College, 1856 [Harvard University Archives] Parker Hall, Bates College, Lewiston, 1856 [Coram Library, Bates College] Building for Moses Grant, Boston, 1857 [Boston Public Library] Additions to Kennebec County Courthouse, Project, Augusta, Maine, 1857 [Maine Historic Preservation Commission] State Street Block, Boston, 1857, color lithograph [Historic New England] Additions to Maine State Prison, Project, Thomaston, Maine, 1858 [Maine State Library] Washington County Jail, Machias, Maine, 1858 [Washington County Commissioners] Cast-iron Storefront, 65–67 Franklin Street, Boston, 1858 [Boston Athenaeum] 176 Appendix One Federal Street Church, pew plans, Boston, 1859 [American Antiquarian Society] Probate Building, Boston, 1859 [Bostonian Society] Agassiz Museum Project, Harvard College, c.1860 [Historic New England] School, Alfred, Maine, 1862 [Parsons Memorial Library, Alfred] Town Hall, Alfred, Maine, 1862 [Parsons Memorial Library, Alfred] Double House for Brewer and Beebe, Boston, 1864, color lithograph [Historic New England] City Hall, Boston, 1865, color lithograph [Historic New England] Auburn Town Hall, Auburn, 1865 [Maine Historic Preservation Commission] Massachusetts State House, remodeling, Boston, 1866 [Massachusetts State Library] View of remodeling State Capitol, Boston, 1867, lithograph [Massachusetts State Library View of new state capitol, Boston, 1867, lithograph [Massachusetts State Library] Measured Plans of Brattle Street Church, Boston, 1866/1871 [Historic New England] House for Benjamin Stark, New London, Connecticut, 1868 [Avery Library, Columbia University] Gate Keepers Lodge, Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston, 1868, color rendering [Forest Hills Cemetery Archives] Massachusetts State Library, alterations, Boston, 1869 [Massachusetts State Library] Penoboscot County Jail, Bangor, Maine, 1869 [Maine Historic Preservation Commission] House for Jonas French, Gloucester, 1871 [Mrs. Harriet Myers] Passenger Station, Maine Central Railroad, Waterville, Maine, 1872 [Maine Historic Preservation Commission] Knox County Courthouse, Rockland, Maine, 1874 [Knox County Commissioners] House for Thomas Wigglesworth, Manchester-by-the-Sea, 1889 [Historic New England] 177 APPENDIX 2 List of Buildings and Projects by Gridley J. F. Bryant The following list of projects is organized by year with the date given being the estimated year that design work began. Although most large projects have several sources to document Bryant’s involvement, I have provided only one for each commission . Where possible, I have cited original drawings, specifications, published renderings, or long newspaper descriptions. In only a few instances have I relied on the 1890 list of Bryant’s drawings assembled by his friend Henry Bailey. Since, in many cases, that list includes projects not designed by Bryant, or not built, I have generally not referred to it unless the building survives and there is reason to make a stylistic attribution. As with any list deriving from such varied sources, many attributions are subject to corrections or refinements. Gridley J. F. Bryant 1838 Cottage for Abbott, not located [Bailey, “An Architect of the Old School” (1901)] Boarding school for Noah Brooks, not located [Ibid.] Mechanics’ Hall for George Darracott, not located [Ibid.] Passenger station for George Dexter, not located [Ibid.] House for Abbott Lawrence, 8 Park Street, Boston, extant [Ibid.] Ship house for Alexander Parris, Charlestown Navy Yard? [Ibid.] Market house for J. W. Pinckney, not located [Ibid.] 1840 City Hall, renovations (with Jonathan Preston), School Street, Boston, destroyed [Boston Transcript, March 19, 1841] Faneuil Hall, rostrum, Boston, destroyed [drawings, Boston Public Library] 1841 Three houses for Abijah Johnson, Essex Street, Boston...


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