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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS My research has benefited from the assistance of many kind scholars. Foremost among them is Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr., without whose assistance and encouragement this book would not have been written. Moreover , a good deal of information, particularly about the Maine projects, was made available to me through the extensive files of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, where he has long served as the State Historic Preservation Officer. Support and encouragement were also provided by Keith Morgan of Boston University. Many others have also been generous with their assistance. As Bryant left no single repository of documents, I have depended on many individuals who have contributed important pieces of evidence and information. They include Lorna Condon, archivist at Historic New England (formerly Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities); James Garvin, architectural historian for the New Hampshire State Historic Preservation Office; Lyman Holmes, attorney and historian in Machias, Maine; Arthur Krim, architectural historian in Cambridge, Massachusetts; James O’Gorman, professor emeritus of art history at Wellesley College; Pamela Scott, architectural historian in Washington , D.C.; Catharina Slautterback of the Prints and Photographs Collections at the Boston Athenaeum; Darrin Von Stein, architectural historian in New York City; Sara E. Wermiel, architectural historian in Boston; and Bernard Zirnheld, architectural historian pursuing a degree at Yale. xiii ...


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