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About the Author Lois Presser is an associate professor of sociology at the University of Tennessee. She studied at Cornell University (BS 1987), Yale University (MBA 1994), and the University of Cincinnati (PhD 2002). Her research pertains to intersections of culture and harm, power, justice, and restorative justice practices . Guided by questions of creativity and constraint in social action, her work has been published in academic journals including Justice Quarterly, Signs, and Social Problems. She is also the author of Been a Heavy Life: Stories of Violent Men (University of Illinois Press, 2008). Available titles in the Critical Issues in Crime and Society series: Tammy L. Anderson, ed., Neither Villain Nor Victim: Empowerment and Agency among Women Substance Abusers Scott A. Bonn, Mass Deception: Moral Panic and the U.S. War on Iraq Mary Bosworth and Jeanne Flavin, eds., Race, Gender, and Punishment: From Colonialism to the War on Terror Loretta Capeheart and Dragan Milovanovic, Social Justice: Theories, Issues, and Movements Walter S. DeKeseredy and Martin D. Schwartz, Dangerous Exits: Escaping Abusive Relationships in Rural America Patricia E. Erickson and Steven K. Erickson, Crime, Punishment, and Mental Illness: Law and the Behavioral Sciences in Conflict Luis A. Fernandez, Policing Dissent: Social Control and the AntiGlobalization Movement Timothy R. Lauger, Real Gangstas: Legitimacy, Reputation, and Violence in the Intergang Environment Michael J. Lynch, Big Prisons, Big Dreams: Crime and the Failure of America’s Penal System Raymond J. Michalowski and Ronald C. Kramer, eds., StateCorporate Crime: Wrongdoing at the Intersection of Business and Government Susan L. Miller, Victims as Offenders: The Paradox of Women’s Violence in Relationships Torin Monahan, Surveillance in the Time of Insecurity Torin Monahan and Rodolfo D. Torres, eds., Schools Under Surveillance: Cultures of Control in Public Education Leslie Paik, Discretionary Justice: Looking Inside a Juvenile Drug Court Anthony M. Platt, The Child Savers: The Invention of Delinquency, 40th Anniversary Edition with an introduction and critical commentaries compiled by Miroslava Chávez-García Susan F. Sharp, Hidden Victims: The Effects of the Death Penalty on Families of the Accused Jeffrey Ian Ross, ed., The Globalization of Supermax Prisons Dawn L. Rothe and Christopher W. Mullins, eds., State Crime, Current Perspectives Robert H. Tillman and Michael L. Indergaard, Pump and Dump: The Rancid Rules of the New Economy Mariana Valverde, Law and Order: Images, Meanings, Myths Michael Welch, Crimes of Power & States of Impunity: The U.S. Response to Terror Michael Welch, Scapegoats of September 11th: Hate Crimes and State Crimes in the War on Terror Saundra D. Westervelt and Kimberly J. Cook, Life after Death Row: Exonerees’ Search for Community and Identity ...


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