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KBART (Knowledge Bases and Related Tools) is a recommended practice of NISO (National Information Standards Organization) that seeks to improve the interactions between knowledge base providers, content providers, and publishers in order to provide higher quality data and linking.

The MUSE data files for all books and collections follow KBART recommended practices. Files are in a plain text, tab-delimited format and are current as of the download time. Please note that if a file is opened in Excel, the formatting of some dates may be altered by Excel and may need to be reformatted.

Please contact MUSE Customer Support with any questions.

KBART File: All Books on Project MUSE (Note: This may take up to 20 seconds to load).

Available collections include:

2018 Complete

File: Download

2017 Complete

File: Download

2016 Complete

File: Download

2016 Complete Supplement: Download

2015 Complete

File: Download

2015 Complete Supplement: Download

2014 Complete

File: Download

2014 Complete Supplement: Download

2013 Complete

File: Download

2013 Complete Supplement: Download

2013 Complete Supplement II: Download

2012 Complete

File: Download

2012 Complete Supplement: Download

2012 Complete Supplement II: Download

2011 Complete

File: Download

2011 Complete Supplement: Download

2010 Complete

File: Download

Archive Complete Foundation

File: Download

Archive Complete Supplement: Download

Archive Complete Supplement II: Download

Archive Complete Supplement III: Download

Archive Complete Supplement IV: Download

Archive Complete Supplement V: Download

Archive Complete Supplement VI: Download

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