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Adapting to a New Energy Era

Maximizing Potential Benefits for the Asia-Pacific

By Mikkal E. Herberg, Roy Kamphausen, Tsutomu Toichi, and Tom Cutler

Soaring Asian energy demand and declining North American import needs have fundamentally altered the flow of oil and gas supplies in international markets. Although Middle Eastern supplies remain the linchpin of global energy security, nearly all of the region’s oil and gas exports are now directed to Asia. In this NBR Special Report, four leading specialists examine these trends and draw implications for the Asia-Pacific.

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Asia Policy

Number 1 (2006) through current issue

Asia Policy is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to bridging the gap between academic research and policymaking on issues related to the Asia-Pacific. The journal publishes peer-reviewed research articles and policy essays, roundtables on policy-relevant topics and recent publications, and book review essays, as well as other occasional formats.

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Asia's Energy Security amid Global Market Change

By Muhamad Izham Abd. Shukor, Clara Gillispie, Antoine Halff, Mikkal E. Herberg, Meghan L. O’Sullivan, Leslie Palti-Guzman, and Cecilia Tam

With the major shifts in global energy markets, prospects for advancing Asia’s long-term energy security have improved dramatically. Nonetheless, uncertainties about future market conditions and policies risk undermining progress. In this NBR Special Report, top experts examine shifts in global oil and LNG market outlooks, the geopolitical implications for the Asia-Pacific, and options for strengthening energy and environmental policy across the region.

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Asia's Rising Energy and Resource Nationalism

Implications for the United States, China, and the Asia-Pacific Region

By Gabe Collins, Andrew S. Erickson, Yufan Hao, Mikkal E. Herberg, Llewelyn Hughes, Weihua Liu, and Jane Nakano

The 2011 Energy Security Report, "Asia’s Rising Energy and Resource Nationalism," overviews the dramatic developments taking place in Asian energy markets and their geopolitical implications. The report includes an examination of the connection between energy insecurity and control of major sea lanes, the impact of Asia’s national oil companies on the global industry, and the emergence of rare earth elements as an arena for national competition.

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Asia's Uncertain LNG Future

By Mikkal E. Herberg, Michael Bradshaw, Amy Myers Jaffe, Damien Ma, and Nikos Tsafos

Leading energy experts examine how and to what extent countries in the Asia-Pacific are integrating liquefied natural gas (LNG) into their energy-security strategies and analyze the key geopolitical implications for the United States and Asia.

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China's Energy Crossroads: Forging a New Energy and Environmental Balance

By Philip Andrews-Speed, Mikkal E. Herberg, Li Zhidong, and Benjamin A. Shobert

China has emerged as the world’s single largest energy consumer, and surging demand has not only dramatically reshaped world energy markets but also raised complex questions for stakeholders concerned with developments in China’s domestic energy infrastructure, environmental policy, and global energy diplomacy. In this NBR Special Report, four senior energy and geopolitical specialists examine major shifts underway in China’s energy security strategies and assess how the country is affecting market, geopolitical, and environmental outlooks for the Asia-Pacific more broadly.

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China's Eurasian Century?

Political and Strategic Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative

By Nadège Rolland

China's Belt and Road Initiative has become the organizing foreign policy concept of the Xi Jinping era. The 21st-century version of the Silk Road will take shape around a vast network of transportation, energy, and telecommunication infrastructure linking Europe and Africa to Asia. Drawing from the work of Chinese official and analytic communities, China's Eurasian Century? Political and Strategic Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative examines the concept's origins, drivers, and various component parts, as well as China's domestic and international objectives. Nadège Rolland shows how the Belt and Road Initiative reflects Beijing's desire to shape Eurasia according to its own worldview and unique characteristics. More than a list of revamped infrastructure projects, the initiative is a grand strategy that serves China's vision for itself as the preponderant power in Eurasia and a global power second to none.

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Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency in South Asia

Mumtaz Ahmad, Ehsan Ahrari, Vanda Felbab-Brown, Sumit Ganguly, Nazia Hussain, Thomas H. Johnson, Peter Mandaville, Agnieszka Paczynska, Dietrich Reetz, and Louise I. Shelley

This NBR Monograph examines the history of terrorism in South Asia, past attempts at counterterrorism cooperation, and challenges the facing regional cooperation and draws implications for U.S. policy in the region.

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Emerging Leaders in East Asia

The Next Generation of Political Leadership in China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan

By J. Patrick Boyd, L. Gordon Flake, Cheng Li, Kenneth B. Pyle, Shelley Rigger, and Richard J. Samuels

Major powers in East Asia are undergoing important political leadership transitions. In China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, a new generation is emerging, equipped with unique experiences and backgrounds. Exploring how these future leaders are likely to respond to regional trends and anticipating their policy preferences as they assume increasingly important leadership positions is critical to a well-grounded understanding of Northeast Asia in the 21st century. This report represents the culmination of a year-long initiative launched by NBR to provide U.S. government and corporate leaders with a better understanding of East Asia’s future leadership. By examining the qualities and characteristics that define these rising leaders and distinguish them from their predecessors, the initiative explores the possible implications of their emerging influence for U.S. foreign, economic, and security policy interests.

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Indonesia: A Regional Energy Leader in Transition

By Natalie Bravo, Clara Gillispie, Mikkal E. Herberg, Hanan Nugroho, Alexandra Stuart, and Nikos Tsafos

Indonesia has traditionally been a leading energy supplier in the Asia-Pacific. The country's abundant resources have played a critical role in its economic growth, while contributing to higher levels of prosperity across Asia. However, rapidly rising domestic demand, ongoing subsidies, and declining production threaten Indonesia's energy security. In this NBR Special Report, senior specialists on energy and geopolitics examine the key energy and environmental security challenges facing Indonesia and explore strategies for promoting greater access to energy while stimulating sustainable sector investment.

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