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History of Anthropology is a new series of annual volumes, each of which will treat an important theme in the history of anthropological inquiry. For this initial volume, the editors have chosen to focus on the modern cultural anthropology: intensive fieldwork by "participant observation." Observers Observed includes essays by a distinguished group of historians and anthropologists covering major episodes in the history of ethnographic fieldwork in the American, British, and French traditions since 1880. As the first work to investigate the development of modern fieldwork in a serious historical way, this collection will be of great interest and value to anthropologist, historians of science and the social sciences, and the general readers interested in the way in which modern anthropologists have perceived and described the cultures of "others." Included in this volume are the contributions of Homer G. Barnett, University of Oregon; James Clifford, University of California, Santa Cruz; Douglas Cole, Simon Frazer University; Richard Handler, Lake Forest College; Curtis Hinsley, Colgate University; Joan Larcom, Mount Holyoke College; Paul Rabinow, University of California, Berkeley; and the editor.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
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  1. TItle Page, Copyright
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  1. Contents
  2. pp. v-vi
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  2. pp. 3-12
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  1. "THE VALUE OF A PERSON LIES IN HIS HERZENSBILDUNG"Franz Boas' Baffin Island Letter .. Diary, 1883-1884
  2. pp. 13-52
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  1. ETHNOGRAPHIC CHARISMA AND SCIENTIFIC ROUTINE: Cushing and Fewkes in the American Southwest,1879-1893
  2. pp. 53-69
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  1. THE ETHNOGRAPHER'S MAGIC: Fieldwork in British Anthropology from Tylor to Malinowski
  2. pp. 70-102
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  1. POWER AND DIALOGUE IN ETHNOGRAPHY: Marcel Griaule's Initiation
  2. pp. 121-156
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  1. LEARNING ABOUT CULTURE: Reconstruction, Participation, Administration,1934-1954
  2. pp. 157-174
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  1. FOLLOWING DEACON: The Problem of Ethnographic Reanalysis, 1926-1981
  2. pp. 175-195
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  1. "FACTS ARE A WORD OF GOD": An Essay Review of James Clifford's Person and Myth: Maurice Leenhardt in the Melanesian World
  2. pp. 196-207
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  1. THE DAINTY AND THE HUNGRY MAN: Literature and Anthropology in the Work of Edward Sapir
  2. pp. 208-231
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  2. pp. 233-234
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  1. INDEX
  2. pp. 235-242
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