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  • Food Insecurity on Campus: Action and Intervention
  • edited by Katharine M. Broton and Clare L. Cady foreword by Sara Goldrick-Rab
  • 2020
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  • Published by: Johns Hopkins University Press
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The hidden problem of student hunger on college campuses is real. Here's how colleges and universities are addressing it.As the price of college continues to rise and the incomes of most Americans stagnate, too many college students are going hungry. According to researchers, approximately half of all undergraduates are food insecure. Food Insecurity on Campus—the first book to describe the problem—meets higher education's growing demand to tackle the pressing question "How can we end student hunger?" Essays by a diverse set of authors, each working to address food insecurity in higher education, describe unique approaches to the topic. They also offer insights into the most promising strategies to combat student hunger, including• utilizing research to raise awareness and enact change; • creating campus pantries, emergency aid programs, and meal voucher initiatives to meet immediate needs;• leveraging public benefits and nonprofit partnerships to provide additional resources;• changing higher education systems and college cultures to better serve students; and• drawing on student activism and administrative clout to influence federal, state, and local policies.Arguing that practice and policy are improved when informed by research, Food Insecurity on Campus combines the power of data with detailed storytelling to illustrate current conditions. A foreword by Sara Goldrick-Rab further contextualizes the problem. Offering concrete guidance to anyone seeking to understand and support college students experiencing food insecurity, the book encourages readers to draw from the lessons learned to create a comprehensive strategy to fight student hunger.Contributors: Talia Berday-Sacks, Denise Woods-Bevly, Katharine M. Broton, Clare L. Cady, Samuel Chu, Sarah Crawford, Cara Crowley, Rashida M. Crutchfield, James Dubick, Amy Ellen Duke-Benfield, Sara Goldrick-Rab, Jordan Herrera, Nicole Hindes, Russell Lowery-Hart, Jennifer J. Maguire, Michael Rosen, Sabrina Sanders, Rachel Sumekh

Table of Contents

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  1. Cover
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  1. Halftitle
  2. pp. i-ii
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  1. Title Page
  2. p. iii
  3. open access contents
  1. Copyright Page
  2. p. iv
  3. open access contents
  1. Contents
  2. pp. v-vi
  3. open access contents
  1. Foreword
  2. pp. vii-x
  3. open access contents
  1. Acknowledgments
  2. pp. xi-xii
  3. open access contents
  1. Introduction
  2. pp. 1-11
  3. open access contents
  1. 1. Food Insecurity in Higher Education
  2. pp. 12-32
  3. open access contents
  1. 2. If Not Us, Who? Building National Capacity to Address Student Food Insecurity through CUFBA
  2. pp. 33-53
  3. open access contents
  1. 3. The American Federation of Teachers Local 212 / MATC FAST (Faculty and Students Together) Fund
  2. pp. 54-83
  3. open access contents
  1. 4. Channeling Student Idealism and Energy through Campus Organizing
  2. pp. 84-114
  3. open access contents
  1. 5. Student Action and Nonprofit Partnership: The Swipe Out Hunger Story
  2. pp. 115-137
  3. open access contents
  1. 6. The Trampoline of Public Benefits: Using Existing Resources to Fight Food Insecurity
  2. pp. 138-166
  3. open access contents
  1. 7. Transformational Change for Student Success: The California State University Basic Needs Initiative
  2. pp. 167-190
  3. open access contents
  1. 8. Research as a Catalyst for Positive Systemic Change
  2. pp. 191-221
  3. open access contents
  1. 9. Amarillo College: Loving Your Student from Enrollment to Graduation
  2. pp. 222-239
  3. open access contents
  1. 10. Addressing Student Hunger through Policy Change: Leveraging Federal Food Benefits to Support College Completion
  2. pp. 240-264
  3. open access contents
  1. Conclusion
  2. pp. 265-284
  3. open access contents
  1. Index
  2. pp. 285-292
  3. open access contents

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