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No American playwright is more revered on the international stage than Arthur Miller. In Arthur Miller’s Global Theater—a fascinating collection of new essays by leading international critics and scholars—readers learn how and why audiences around the world have responded to the work of the late theatrical icon. With perspectives from diverse corners of the globe, from Israel to Japan to South Africa, this groundbreaking volume explores the challenges of translating one of the most American of American playwrights and details how disparate nations have adapted meaning in Miller’s most celebrated dramas. An original and engaging collection that will appeal to theater aficionados, scholars, students, and all those interested in Miller and his remarkable oeuvre, Arthur Miller’s Global Theater illustrates how dramas such as Death of a Salesman, The Crucible, and A View from the Bridge developed a vigorous dialogue with new audiences when they crossed linguistic and national borders. In these times when problems of censorship, repressive regimes, and international discord are increasingly in the news, Arthur Miller’s voice has never been more necessary as it continues to be heard and celebrated around the world. Enoch Brater is the Kenneth T. Rowe Collegiate Professor of Dramatic Literature at the University of Michigan. His other books include Arthur Miller: A Playwright’s Life and Works and Arthur Miller’s America.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. pp. ix-x
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  2. pp. 1-2
  1. Cross-Cultural Encounters: Arthur Miller and the International Theater Community
  2. pp. 3-12
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  2. pp. 13-14
  1. Arthur Miller’s Israel and Israel’s Arthur Miller
  2. pp. 15-34
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  1. Traveling Man, Traveling Culture: Death of a Salesman and Post-Mao Chinese Theater
  2. pp. 35-56
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  1. Directing Miller in Italy
  2. pp. 57-65
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  1. Guilty Secrets and Cultural Blind Spots: Miller’s Plays in South Africa
  2. pp. 66-77
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  1. Not All One Song: Arthur Miller in the German Theater
  2. pp. 78-86
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  1. A Dominican View: An Interview with Darryl V. Jones
  2. pp. 86-96
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  2. pp. 97-98
  1. Arthur Miller’s Dialogue with Ireland
  2. pp. 99-106
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  1. Miller, Mingei, and Japan
  2. pp. 107-113
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  1. The Reception of Miller’s Theater in Spain
  2. pp. 114-124
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  1. Arthur Miller in Buenos Aires
  2. pp. 125-135
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  1. Miller in Scandinavia Focus on Denmark
  2. pp. 136-142
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  1. The Crucible: Three British Encounters
  2. pp. 143-152
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  1. Contributors
  2. pp. 153-154
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