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The Histories of Anthropology Annual presents localized perspectives on the discipline’s history within a global context, with a goal of increasing awareness and use of historical approaches in teaching, learning, and conducting anthropology.

This tenth volume of the series, Local Knowledge, Global Stage, examines worldwide historical trends of anthropology ranging from the assertion that all British anthropology is a study of the Old Testament to the discovery of the untranslated shorthand notes of pioneering anthropologist Franz Boas. Other topics include archival research into the study of Vancouver Island’s indigenous languages, explorations of the Christian notion of virgin births in Edward Tylor’s The Legend of Perseus, and the Canadian government’s implementation of European-model farms as a way to undermine Native culture. In addition to Boas and Tylor, the essays explore the research and personalities of Susan Golla, Edwin Sydney Hartland, and others.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
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  1. Half Title, Series Page, Title Page, Copyright
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  1. Contents
  2. pp. v-vi
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  1. List of Illustrations
  2. pp. vii-viii
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  1. Editors’ Introduction
  2. pp. ix-xiv
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  1. 1. Anthropologists and the Bible: The Marett Lecture, April 2012
  2. Adam Kuper
  3. pp. 1-30
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  1. 2. Dead and Living Authorities in The Legend of Perseus: Animism and Christianity in the Evolutionist Archive
  2. Frederico D. Rosa
  3. pp. 31-52
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  1. 3. Anthropology in Portugal: The Case of the Portuguese Society of Anthropology and Ethnology (SPAE), 1918
  2. Patrícia Ferraz de Matos
  3. pp. 53-98
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  1. 4. A View from the West: The Institute of Social Science and the Amazon
  2. Priscila Faulhaber
  3. pp. 99-120
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  1. 5. Scientific Diplomacy and the Establishment of an Australian Chair of Anthropology, 1914–25
  2. Geoffrey Gray
  3. pp. 121-148
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  1. 6. The Saga of the L. H. Morgan Archive, or How an American Marxist Helped Make a Bourgeois Anthropologist the Cornerstone of Soviet Ethnography
  2. Sergei A. Kan, Dmitry V. Arzyutov
  3. pp. 149-220
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  1. 7. “I Wrote All My Notes in Shorthand”: A First Glance into the Treasure Chest of Franz Boas’s Shorthand Field Notes
  2. Rainer Hatoum
  3. pp. 221-272
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  1. 8. Genealogies of Knowledge in the Alberni Valley: Reflecting on Ethnographic Practice in the Archive of Dr. Susan Golla
  2. Denise Nicole Green
  3. pp. 273-302
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  1. 9. The File Hills Farm Colony Legacy
  2. Cheyanne Desnomie
  3. pp. 303-334
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  1. Contributors
  2. p. 335
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