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Australia, Canada, and Ireland are all engaged in questions of multiculturalism and in the politics of recognition and reconciliation, the opportunities and pressures of geographic regionalism, shifts in political agendas associated with the impact of neo-liberalism, and moves to frame political agendas less at the macro-level of state intervention and more at the level of community partnership and empowerment. In related but distinct ways, each state is being challenged to devise policies and offer outcomes that address an unfolding and unsteady synthesis of issues relating to citizenship, the role of nation-states in a 'borderless' world, and the management of economic change while preserving an enabling sense of national identity and social cohesion. Analyzing issues ranging from urban planning and the provision of broadcasting services for minority languages, to principled debates over basic rights and entitlements, these essays offer penetrating summaries of each political culture while also prompting comparative reflection on the broad theme of "democracy and difference."

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
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  1. Frontmatter
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  1. Table of Contents
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  1. Introduction
  2. pp. 1-15
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  1. Chapter 1: National Identity and Global Migration: Listening to the “Pariahs”
  2. pp. 17-35
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  1. Chapter 2: Citizenship, Statehood, and Allegiance
  2. pp. 37-67
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  1. Chapter 3: Bounded Citizenship and the Meaning of Citizenship Laws: Ireland’s Citizenship Referendum
  2. pp. 69-94
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  1. Chapter 4: Federalism and the Politics of Diversity: The Canadian Experience
  2. pp. 95-114
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  1. Chapter 5: City States and Cityscapes in Canada: The Politics and Culture of Canadian Urban Diversity
  2. pp. 115-135
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  1. Chapter 6: Mediating Diversity: Identity, Language, and Protest in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
  2. pp. 137-164
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  1. Chapter 7: Howard’s Way or Deane’s Way: Culture Wars in Contemporary Australia
  2. pp. 165-184
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  1. Chapter 8: Conclusion: Managing Diversity in a Post-Nationalist World
  2. pp. 185-208
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  1. List of Contributors
  2. pp. 209-212
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  1. Index
  2. pp. 213-224
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