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  • Contents / Volume 30

spring 2000

Three-Way Misreading                          2

    Mieke Bal

Postcolonialism's Archive Fever              25

    Sandya Shetty and Elizabeth Jane Bellamy

The Time of the King: Gift and Exchange in Zorrilla's Don Juan Tenorio         49

    Joan Ramon Resina

Kierkegaardian Seduction, or the Aesthetic Actio(nes) in Distans        78

    Begonya Saez Tajafuerce

Telling Tales of Love: Philosophy, Literature, and Psychoanalysis        89

Charles Shepherdson

The (Mis)uses of Cannibalism in Contemporary Cultural Critique       106

    C. Richard King

summer 2000

Agamben's Potential                      3

    Leland Deladurantaye

What Is Political Feeling?                      25

    Bernadette Meyler

Tracing Ricoeur                       43

    Dudley Andrew

Overhearing Hollander's Hyphens: Poet-Critic, American Jew          70

    Andrew Bush

Milton's Aesthetics of Eating                   88

    Denise Gigante

Dissenting Words: A Conversation with Jacques Rancière            113

    Jacques Rancière with Davide Panagia [End Page 1]

fall 2000

Preface: The State of Death                        3

    Jonathan Strauss

David Painting Death                       13

    Didier Maleuvre

Chateaubriand and the Politics of (Im)mortality               28

    Marie-Hélène Huet

Hugo's Le dernier jour d'un condamné: The End as Contamination       40

    Allan Stoekl

Ghostly Politics

    Jann Matlock                       53

Phantom Rights: Conversations across the Abyss (Hugo, Blanchot)         73

    Suzanne Guerlac

After Death                      90

    Jonathan Strauss

To Die with Others                      106

    Alphonso Lingis

winter 2000

Benjamin's Arcades Project and the Postcolonial City               3

    Rajeev S. Patke

Kant's Strange Light: Romanticism, Periodicity, and the Catachresis of Genius      15

    Orrin N. C. Wang

Giorgio Agamben and the Politics of the Living Dead               38

    Andrew Norris

Bombing and the Symptom: Traumatic Earliness and the Nuclear Uncanny       59

Paul K. Saint-Amour

Martin Heidegger and His Japanese Interlocutors: About a Limit of Western Metaphysics        83

    Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

How to Tell a Mestizo from an Enchirito®: Colonialism and National Culture in the Borderlands        102

    Michael Hames-Garcia [End Page 2]