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  • Contributors

Amanda Anderson is Professor of English at Johns Hopkins University.

Carl Good teaches in the Spanish Department at Emory University.

E. C. Graf is an assistant professor who teaches Spanish and comparative literature at Smith College. He is currently finishing a manuscript entitled Cervantine Politics: From Princely Advice to Quixotic Critique and is working on the political and sexual dynamics of the Poema de mio Cid.

Franco Moretti teaches in the English Department at Columbia University.

Tony Schirato is an associate professor in the School of Contemporary Communication at Central Queensland University. He is the coauthor of Communication and Cultural Literacy and of a forthcoming book on Foucault.

James T. Siegel is Professor of Anthropology at Cornell University.

Jen Webb lectures in the School of Creative Communication and Culture Studies at the University of Canberra and is the coauthor of a forthcoming book on Foucault.

Geoffrey Winthrop-Young, currently Visiting Fellow at the Institute for German Cultural Studies at Cornell University, teaches German and Comparative Literature at the University of British Columbia. He recently translated and introduced (with Michael Wutz) Friedrich Kittler's Gramophone, Film, Typewriter for Stanford University Press.

The photographs in this issue were taken in and around Ithaca in 1999 by Dylan Litchman. He studied photography at Fordham University and lives in Ithaca.