We evaluated outcomes from a telephone-based transitional patient navigation (TPN) service for people living with hepatitis C virus (HCV) upon returning to the community after incarceration in New York City (NYC) jails. NYC Health + Hospitals/Correctional Health Services offered referrals for TPN services provided by the NYC local health department patient navigation staff. We compared rates of connection to care among people referred for TPN services with those who were not referred. People living with HIV had a higher connection to care rate at three months (65.0% vs 39.8%, p≤.05) and people with opioid use disorder had a higher connection rate at six months (55.1% vs 36.1%, p≤.05) compared with people without these conditions. However, there was not an improved connection to HCV care associated with referral to TPN services for the overall cohort. Further research, including qualitative studies, may inform improved strategies for connection to HCV care after incarceration.