Homelessness is associated with poor health outcomes and early development of cardiovascular disease. This study investigated the correlates of incident stroke and its association with mortality among Veterans experiencing housing instability. Using a national sample of Veterans (n=565,608) with incident housing instability between 2014–2018, we compared characteristics of Veterans who did and did not experience incident stroke and conducted logistic regressions to assess two outcomes: incident stroke and mortality. Almost four percent experienced a first stroke and were more frequently male, older than 55 years, Black, and non-Hispanic. A higher rate of mortality was observed among those with a first stroke compared with those with no stroke (17.6% vs. 10.8%), although the difference was not statistically significant. Incident stroke was associated with triple the odds of death among unstably-housed Veterans compared with those who did not have an incident stroke. Implications include the need to screen and monitor for stroke risk among Veterans with experience of housing instability, particularly for those who are older.