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Roy Boney, Jr. ᎧᏂᎦ ᎪᎳᎭ is an artist and writer and a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. His work focuses on the intersection of Cherokee language & culture with pop culture. He has contributed artwork and articles to publications on Indigenous art, language, and history for the Gilcrease Museum, Oxford University Press, the University of Oklahoma Press, Marvel Comics, American Indian Culture and Research Journal, Oklahoma Today, Indian Country Today, Native Peoples, and First American Art Magazine. He holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Oklahoma State University and an MA in Studio Art from the University of Arkansas -Little Rock where he was a research fellow at the Sequoyah Research Center. He has also served adjunct instructor of Multimedia Design and Cherokee Language Technology at Northeastern State University. He currently is the Cherokee Language Program Manager for the Cherokee Nation Language Department and 2022-23 Sequoyah Fellow at Northeastern State University.

about twirlapron

I grew up hearing stories about my great grandmother. They would say she could shape shift. One way she did this was by twirling or twisting her apron. This would start her transformation. This is a pastel drawing showing her transforming into a wolf. [End Page i]