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  • In Memoriam: Barbara R. Schirmer
  • William J. Therrien (bio)

Barbara gave me my first job in academia. In 2004, she was the dean of Miami University’s School of Education and Human Development, and I was a new special education Ph.D. graduate. I still remember our conversation during my interview. She was so engaged and interested in my scholarship and me as a person. She also shared her academic journey and passion for her work in Deaf education. I left the meeting feeling valued and knew right then that if offered, I would accept the position at Miami because I wanted to work for her.

Although our time together at Miami University was brief, Barbara remained a constant presence in my life. She continued to express interest in my research and always made time to catch up on personal matters. Our discussions eventually led to joint work, and I was honored to collaborate with her on several studies. Her attention to detail and commitment to research rigor were unparalleled.

The most special part of our research collaboration was the time I spent with Barbara and her husband, Jack. When conducting PD and collecting data, Barbara insisted I stay with them. Barbara and Jack were both warm, kind, and funny. I so enjoyed the time I got to spend with them. Overall, Barbara’s impact on my life extends far beyond the research we conducted together. I miss her dearly and feel fortunate to have worked with such a wonderful mentor and friend.

William J. Therrien

Therrien is the Thomas G. Jewell Professor of Special Education at the University of Virginia.


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