Introduction. Low-cost interventions such as cryotherapy are not routinely practiced in sub-Saharan Africa to prevent chemotherapeutic-induced oral mucositis. We investigated the feasibility and effect of cryotherapy on oral mucositis at the Uganda Cancer Institute. Methods. This was a quasi-experimental nonequivalent research study design. We had two groups with each group meant to have 100 participants. We analyzed based on participants who underwent the protocol procedures. Results. Only cancer types were significantly different between the control and intervention groups (χ2=31.09, df =18, p=.030). Twenty percent (n=19) out of the 95, while 8.2% (n=7) out of the 85 in the control and intervention groups respectively developed moderate to severe mucositis (Mantel-Cox and Generalized Wilcoxon p= .026 and p=.031, respectively). Conclusion. The use of cryotherapy in our local setting and many sub-Saharan African countries is feasible and affordable to prevent and control chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis.