Objectives. To describe skin disease prevalence, access to dermatologic care, and teledermatology interest among American Indians and Alaska Natives. Methods. Data were collected via self-report surveys administered in person at two community powwows in Denver, Colorado in 2021 and 2022. Results. Most American Indian and/or Alaska Native respondents (94.5%, n=225) reported at least one skin disease. The top three active skin diseases among adolescents were acne, scarring, and eczema. The top three among adults were dry skin, hair loss, and acne. Only 20.9% (n=47) of respondents with skin disease had seen a dermatologist. Approximately one-third of respondents (34.0%, n=81) were open to engaging with teledermatology in their home; 43.3% (n=103) were open to engaging with teledermatology in their local clinic; 42.0% (n=100) were not interested in engaging teledermatology from their home or in their local clinic. Conclusions. Skin disease is prevalent and access to dermatologic care is poor among American Indian and Alaska Native people.