This roundtable focuses on the interplay between artificial intelligence (AI) and advertising, and its broader societal implications. The discussion first provides a historical overview of AI and then moves to AI's relevance to the advertising industry, highlighting tools like programmatic advertising and generative AI. It then covers the definitions, applications, and misperceptions surrounding AI. The participants emphasize the significant challenges of AI transparency, disclosure, and the need for consumer education, particularly given AI's potential for misinformation, biases, and deepfakes. The panel debates concerns about AI perpetuating societal biases, the need for human oversight, and AI's implications for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within advertising, marketing, and strategic communication. The roundtable delves into AI's impact on work and employment, and it underscores AI as a tool to enhance productivity that ultimately validates the enduring value of human understanding, creativity, and connection. The conclusion stresses the need for ethical considerations, ongoing learning about AI and technology, and the importance of human emotion in relating to consumers. With cautious optimism, the panelists advocate for a balanced but critical approach to AI's integration into advertising and marketing.