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  • Contents of Volume 120
Atkinson, Amanda. The Figura Serpentinata in Paradise Lost. 340
Battles, Dominique. Investigating English Sanctity in the Middle English St. Erkenwald. 603
Battles, Dominique. Who (What) Lies in the Tomb in the Middle English St. Erkenwald? 391
Bowers, Terence N. John Locke, Ecological Imperialism, and the Narration of the Land in Robinson Crusoe—A Tale of the Anthropocene. 728
Carlson, David R. Prosodic Change in Thomas More's Epitaphs for Henry Abyngdon (1518): From Medieval to Renaissance. 439
Clark, Douglas. John Donne and the Legacy of Early Modern Testamentary Verse. 221
Curran, John E. Jr. The Pleasing Analysis of The Faerie Queene. 33
Dolmans, Emily. Writing "Home": Translating Belonging in Beves of Hampton. 1
Equestri, Alice. Translating the Law in the Inns of Court Play Gismond of Salerne (1566–68). 458
Filo, Gina. Flawed Beauty, Flawed Cause: The Political Aesthetics of Parnassus Biceps (1656). 284
Harper, Elizabeth. Skepticism and the Form of Thomas Hoccleve's Series. 199
LaBreche, Ben. Milton's Legal Duel: Nature and Norm in Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes. 680
Lee, Tonhi. Sir Thomas More and the Tragedy of Citizenship. 488
Levy, Eric P. Acting and Being Acted Upon: Hamlet's Delay, the Secondary Ghost, and the Purgation of Agency and Patiency. 70
Loveridge, Mark. Jonathan Wild: Spinoza, the Foil, and the Jacobites. 172
May, Steven W. James Reshoulde and Elizabethan Scribal Culture. 658
Neff, Adam. The Garden, the Granary, and "the basic stuff and raw material of true induction": The Eclipse of the Imagination in Francis Bacon's Poetics of Natural History. 141
Reid, Katie. Richard Linche: The Fountain of Elizabethan Fiction. 527
Rogers, Pat. An Essay concerning the Origine of Sciences and the Mode of Scriblerian Satire. 759
Sherman, Anita Gilman. The Impact of Thomas Stanley's History of Philosophy on Margaret Cavendish. 315
Timmis, Patrick. The "Puritan" Preacher and The Puritan Widow. 104
Vickers, Brian. Thomas Watson, Thomas Kyd, and Embedded Poetry. 557
Walker, Robert G. Social History and Literary Genres in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Britain: Or, the Strange and Fascinating Case of Joshua Dudley. 371
Whalen, Robert, and Luke Roman. Neglected Witnesses to George Herbert's Musæ Responsoriæ, and a Previously Unpublished Poem, "Wren cum Chirothecis." 247

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