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  • Editor's NoteLouis Round Wilson Prize for 2022
  • Reid Barbour

The Editorial Board of Studies in Philology voted at its annual meeting in May 2008 to establish an annual prize of $1000 for the best article published in the journal during the previous year. The prize was named in honor of Louis Round Wilson, whose monograph Chaucer's Relative Constructions appeared as the first issue of Studies in Philology in 1906. Wilson was instrumental in founding and establishing SP, and in helping to ensure that it would have a long and vital future.

The award-winning article for 2022 is Nicholas Fenech's "Reading for Echoes: The English Guicciardini and the Rhetoric of Exemplarity in the Age of the Armada." Published in SP vol. 119, no. 2, Fenech's study explores an Elizabethan manuscript treatise on foreign policy as a vivid case of how the rival approaches to history transmitted from the Italian Renaissance were mediated in a highly fraught English context. Both the textual state of the treatise—extant only in imperfect copies—and its complex negotiation between the historical priorities of Machiavelli and Guicciardini present its would-be interpreters with considerable challenges. Nicholas Fenech's recovery and explication of the treatise in its Elizabethan context amount to a brilliant piece of literary and intellectual history, and we are honored to have published this article.

Reid Barbour, Editor

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