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  • Consulting Editors April 1, 2022, through July 1, 2022

Many scholars contribute their time and expertise to the quality of this journal by providing reviews of submitted manuscripts. We thank the individuals listed here, as well as members of the editorial board listed on the inside cover, for their recent work on behalf of this journal.

The Editors

Sheila Anderson

Nicole Campione-Barr

Amanda Costello

Melanie Dirks

Rebecca Dore

CJ Duh

Kaitlin Flannery

Emily Freeman

Amber Garbe

Stacey Horn

Mengguo Jing

Debbie Laible

Charlie Lewis

Eric Lindsey

Valerie Noel

Ron Rapee

Maryam Razmjoee

Christina Rinaldi

Caroline Pemberton Roben

Qinxin Shi

Lexie Tabachnick

Chelsie Denise Temmen

Suman Verma

Evelyn Blane Waite

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