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  • The Rapture in Reverse
  • PC Muñoz (bio)

imagine the rapture in reverse:scores of righteous bodies falling from abovesent by g-d to elevate the placetheir undeserving counterparts left behind; didn't make the gradestuck in the sky—doin' nothin'

one goes down, one stays upone for heaven, one for earth

suddenly we're overrun with all these virtuous people

all the angels and saints,nursing the sickfeeding the hungrycomforting the downtroddengiving voice to the voicelessbringing joy to the eldersand guidance for the young

the end times would be the beginning

the empty heaven would make a blessed earth

with the rapture in reverse [End Page 63]

PC Muñoz

PC Muñoz is a multiracial CHamoru musician and writer based in San Francisco. He is a current Quinteto Latino Composer-in-Residence and a current Mosaic America Fellow. Learn more at