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  • Dominique Natasha Hinestrosa (bio)

i said hero becausenot for rescue—any dummy can.awaiting reward likea piece of cake savedfrom molding to know some gloryan exchange for life dressedin hot blue and stars; eyes nevermore than momentarily awed; the perfectingredients for being consumed. morselof guilt the taste the saved embody

i said hero becausemaybe a runny mouth—constantly sorting;wading in the lump sum liketreasure that needn't bespent but molded to adorn the only neckwrists fingers desired to undressthis tempered heart; hips everready; submerged and floating asif thawed like places unmappable the onesconsumed by heavens and depths and dreams

i said hero becauseknowing. a flame that is not firelike a sun that does not burnmeans you forge and are not forgedyet somehow are gilded—heart embodied [End Page 53]

Dominique Natasha Hinestrosa

Dominique Natasha Hinestrosa is a CHamoru/Colombian poet and writer from Los Angeles, CA. She splits her time between the Allegheny Front in Central Pennsylvania and New York City, where she attends Columbia University focusing on creative writing and ethnic studies. Before returning to university, she worked as a flight attendant.