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  • Letter to Le Chåud
  • Johanna Salinas (bio)

Che'lu, yesterday I wished foryour chalek and your sleazy grooveas I was floating about Fu'una's Swimming Poolwith Tita and her lover.

He calls himself an artistbut I know to spot a Russian spywith his impolite smile and quiet eyes.He examined my unnatural nature—how I chew my cheek orrub my forehead with my thumb.He'd calculate my nervous laughsand shy eye contact.

He can't float and dream.He can't just be and breathelike you my Che'lu,how you ask about my day and my familia.You'd remind me how you're proud of meand all the lame nothings that I do.You'd then tell me about your anime consand your nåna's swollen feet andhow you still keep your kånna'flowing thru the streets of Tokio.

I wished for your Tokio Talesas I waddled awkwardlybeside my Hågat Titaand this artist from faraway. [End Page 39]

Johanna Salinas

Johanna Salinas is CHamoru from Yigu, Guahan. She enjoys swimming and reading. As an educator on Guam, she honors her ancestors by teaching her students kindness and respect. As a CHamoru millennial, Salinas uses poetry to combat her sensitivity and insecurity. She dreams of traveling the world one day.