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  • Return to Guinaiya
  • Randizia Crisostomo (bio)

Guinaiya bundled firmly within the intimate grasps of i mañainaSwaddledShe lays             Cooing                          Gently caressed                                       i neneMunga man maleffa i guinaiyan mañaina yan i famagu'on             Back                          and             Forth                                                                       the warmth of our taotaomo'na sway                                                     pulseSkin-to-skinkeeping us close so that we recognize them in our dreamsThey pinch our stomachs.De'on i estomagun-nihaOur armsOur calvesOur memories—hinasson mamiLeaving…Returning…Tracing marks of consciousnessReturn to Guinaiya.—let their presence be known—so magodai—so mahålangReturn to guinaiya.             Back                          and             Forth             the warmth of our guinaiya sways.Weaving centuries of survival through the earth's core into i tasi—itano—i aire' Returning to guinaiya. [End Page 37] maila' magi hagå-huWe return as ripples on the surfaces of turbulent seas.Seafoam crashing against the shores of litekyanBursting from the wombwe are born i taotao tano—taotaomo'naReturning of guinaiya.The heat of an embrace, of which a fire emergesGraspingBlood—håga'Sweat—masahålomTears—lågo'Calling…Return our guinaiya.i famagu'onguifi, hasso, transcendWe are the wildest dreams our taotaomo'na have ever imagined We are guinaiya. [End Page 38]

Randizia Crisostomo

Randizia Crisostomo is an Indigenous CHamoru woman born and raised in Guåhan (Guam). She also holds relations with the unceded lands of Coast Salish peoples in Washington State as her family has lived as guests there for quite some time after moving away from home. She currently resides in O'ahu as a PhD student at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, studying Indigenous politics within the Department of Political Science.