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  • dev/oceans
  • Ha'åni Lucia Falo San Nicolas (bio)

    I never intended to know youlonger than that night, but how    could I have dared to imagine

that the stories of a single meal  would feel like we met forever    ago and lifetimes to come?

When we hid under navy fabric  ebbs, our fingers locked firmly,    I melted in your skin—salt

    water flowed like waves  to match the crashing sounds within the cavern of your chest.

You and I are born from islands  that are connected by the sea,every corner kissed with saline.

What are we if not our homesbridged by a feeling that is as

    ancient as our bones,  sticky as water molecules, rough and untamable as tides:

    an oceanic love. [End Page 36]

Ha'åni Lucia Falo San Nicolas

Ha'åni Lucia Falo San Nicolas is a CHamoru and Samoan poet, scholar, activist, and educator born and raised in Guåhan. She is pursuing a doctoral degree in Indigenous politics and an advanced graduate certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa.