The concept of metagenre in literature has become an increasingly helpful interpretive tool by which to analyze and understand various pieces of literature in relationship to their particular genres. A metageneric examination of Milton’s Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained, both in relation to the Homeric epics and in relation to each other, allows readers to understand that Milton’s celebration of “Patience and Heroic Martyrdom” (Paradise Lost 9:31) is best exemplified in each of Milton’s epics by Milton’s Son. The Son, both in his self-sacrificial decision to leave Heaven’s glory, become incarnate, and die for the sake of sinful humanity; and in his resistance to Satan’s temptations, transcends the classical heroism both of Homer’s Achilles and Milton’s Satan in order to e ect salvation for humanity. A metageneric recognition that Paradise Regained is a continuation of Paradise Lost aids greatly our understanding of the Son’s heroism.