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munawwar abdulla holds an MS from the University of New South Wales Sydney and works as a research technician and lab manager at the Evolutionary Neuroscience Laboratory at Harvard University. She cofounded the Tarim Network and is an avid community builder, poet, translator, and advocate for Uyghur issues.

sina arnold is a senior researcher/lecturer at the Research Institute Social Cohesion and the Centerfor Research on Antisemitism at Technische Universität Berlin. Her work focuses on contemporary antisemitism, racism, and memory politics. She is the author of From Occupation to Occupy: Antisemitism and the Contemporary US Left (forthcoming from Indiana University Press).

jocelyne cesari is a professor of religion and politics at the University of Birmingham; T. J. Dermot Dunphy Visiting Professor of Religion, Violence, and Peacebuilding at Harvard Divinity School; and senior fellow at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs (Georgetown University). Her most recent books include Islam, Gender, and Democracy in Comparative Perspective (2017) and What Is Political Islam? (2018).

amit chaudhuri is a novelist, critic, poet, and musician. His latest novel is Friend of My Youth (2017). Finding the Raga, about his relationship to North Indian classical music, and Ramanujan, a book of poems, appeared in 2021. He is a professor of creative writing and director of the Centre for the Creative and the Critical, Ashoka University, and fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

irena grudzińska gross left her native Poland after the unrest of 1968. She received her PhD from Columbia University in 1982. She taught East European literature and history at several universities and was a 2018 Guggenheim fellow. She is a professor at the Polish Academy of Science. Her books include Miłosz and the Long Shadow of War (2020) and Golden Harvest (with Jan T. Gross, 2012).

mehmet kurt is a lecturer at Yale University and a Marie Curie Global Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is a scholar of Islam and the Middle East, with a particular focus on Kurds, Turkey, and its diasporas. He is the author of Kurdish Hizbullah in Turkey: Islamism, Violence and the State (2017).

erika lee is Regents Professor of History and Asian American Studies and director of the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota. She is the author of four award-winning books, including America for Americans: A History of Xenophobia in America (2019), which was recently republished with a new epilogue on xenophobia and racism during the COVID-19 pandemic.

bálint madlovics is a junior research fellow at the CEU Democracy Institute. He holds an MA in political science (2018) from Central European University and has published peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and a book on postcommunist regimes. In 2018–2019 he was a research fellow at the Financial Research Institute in Budapest.

bálint magyar is a senior research fellow at the CEU Democracy Institute. He was a member of the Hungarian Parliament (1990–2010) and Minister of Education (1996–1998–2002–2006). He has been publishing and editing writings on postcommunist regimes since 2013. He was an Open Society fellow (2015–2016), and Hans Speier Visiting Professor at the New School for Social Research (2017).

zubayra shamseden works for the Uyghur Human Rights Project. She was a 2016–2018 fellow at the Center for Women, Faith & Leadership (CWFL) of the Institute for Global Engagement. She has been a devoted campaigner for Uyghur freedom since the late 1980s and is a thought leader of the Uyghur rights movement.

marci shore is an associate professor of history at Yale University. She is the translator of Michał Głowiński’s The Black Seasons, and the author of Caviar and Ashes: A Warsaw Generation’s Life and Death in Marxism, 1918–1968 (2006); The Taste of Ashes: The Afterlife of Totalitarianism in Eastern Europe (2013); and The Ukrainian Night: An Intimate History of Revolution (2018).



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