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  • Editor's Note:Elizabeth A. Clark (1938–2021)
  • Stephen J. Shoemaker

It is with deepest sorrow and great appreciation for her kindness, generosity, and scholarship that the Journal of Early Christian Studies notes the passing of Elizabeth A. Clark on 7 September 2021. She was a mentor to many scholars who have served the Journal in various capacities over the years, as well as to many of its authors and others in the field of early Christian studies. Yet in this moment and this context, we wish to acknowledge her enormous contribution to the founding of this Journal and her tireless efforts to make it the success that it has become today. Although numerous others also played a role in these events, to be sure, it is safe to say that Liz's contributions to the emergence of the Journal of Early Christian Studies as the premier periodical in the field are singular. Together with Everett Ferguson, she built the Journal by transforming an already existing publication, The Second Century, into something much larger in scope, scale, and significance, beginning with the first issue in spring 1993. From the start, Liz was dedicated and determined to ensure the Journal's success, taking great care to make certain that in these early stages the Journal would establish a reputation for publishing only the highest quality and most creative scholarship in the field. Liz allowed me the privilege of serving briefly as the Journal's second Editorial Assistant in 1995–96, and now it is indeed humbling to remember this time when the digital age was only just dawning upon us, with her office filled with reams of printed manuscripts and correspondence related to the Journal. One must admit that things have now become much easier with email and an online platform to help with managing the review and publication process, leaving me all the more in awe of all that she accomplished with the Journal during her tenure as Editor. The Journal of Early Christian Studies rightly stands among the most significant legacies of Liz's many considerable contributions to the field, and I believe I speak for many when I express my gratitude for this and so much else. We all miss her deeply in many ways. May her memory be eternal. [End Page v]



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