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Baumgartner, Michael, Jean-Luc Godard’s Prénom: Carmen (1983): Beethoven and the Concept of Two Sounds   3

Berry, Gabrielle, [inaudible ]: Point of Audition Representations of Deafness and the Cochlear Implant in A Quiet Place (2018)   109

Greig, Donald, Lady in the Lake, Choral Voices, and Narrative Agency   37

Idrovo, René, The Immersive Continuity of Roma: Towards the Consolidation of an Alternative Audio-Visual Style   167

Matthews, Harriet, Persuasion, Representation, and Emotional Heightening: The Ethical Implications of Music as a Creative Practice in the Contemporary Social Documentary   71

Zechner, Ingeborg, Multiple-Music Versions? A German Sound Film-Operetta and Its Versions for France and Italy   133


Avila, Jacqueline, Cinesonidos: Film Music and National Identity During Mexico’s Época de Oro, review by Martín Farías   199

Bayer, Gerd (ed.), Heavy Metal at the Movies, review by James Millea   203

Eicke, Stephan, The Struggle Behind the Soundtrack: Inside the Discordant New World of Film Scoring, review by Ian Sapiro   99

Mazierska, Ewa and Győri, Zsolt (eds), Popular Music and the Moving Image in Eastern Europe, review by Andra Ivănescu   195

Ward, Meredith C., Static in the System: Noise and the Soundscape of American Cinema, review by Cassie Pontone   95 [End Page 211]



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