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  • Volume 42, 2020–2021

For convenience, this index has been cross-referenced by Author, Title, Reviewer, and Article (essays which have appeared in our pages).


Book Author Book Title Reviewer Issue, pg#
Aira, César; Chris Andrews, trans. Birthday Andrew Walser 42(5):23
Aldama, Frederick Luis and Tess O’Dwyer, eds. Poets, Philosophers, Lovers Peter Hitchcock 42(6):21
Austin, Paul Notes on Hard Times Stephanie Rauschenbusch 42(5):20
Berhneimer, Alan From Nature Lorraine Lupo and Paul Marziar 42(1):27
Beiles, Sinclair, et al.; Oliver Harris, ed. Battle Instructions Davis Schneiderman 42(3):16
Betts, Reginald Dwayne Felon David M. Katz 42(3):26
Bollmer, Grant Theorizing Digital Cultures Nina Wexelblatt 42(1):11
Burroughs, William S. and Brion Gysin; Oliver Harris, ed. The Exterminator Redux Davis Schneiderman 42(3):16
Burroughs, William S. and Brion Gysin; Oliver Harris, ed. Minutes to go Redux Davis Schneiderman 42(3):16
Cambron, Cathy, ed. The Way Women Are Toni Messina 42(2):24
Cárdenas, Mauro Javier Aphasia Daniel Green 42(4):7
Clarke, Bruce Neocybernetics and Narrative Henry Sussman 42(1):17
Clemente, Hugo Water Log Rebecca Cuthbert 42(3):27
Clifton, Harry Herod’s Dispensations Daniel T. O’Hara 42(2):18
Crosby, Gregory Walking Away from Explosions in Slow Motion Marc Jampole 42(2):23
Cruse, Howard Stuck Rubber Baby Lem Coley 42(6):25
Cooper, Becky We Keep the Dead Close Catherine Ross Nickerson 42(5):9
Daniels, Jim and M. L. Liebler, eds. Respect: The Poetry of Detroit Music Bill Tremblay 42(1):31
Daniels, Kelly A Candle for San Simón Erin H. Davis 42(5):28
Dann, David Guitar King Joel Harrison 42(5):24
Davey, Moyra Index Cards Nathan Dragon 42(3):24
Davis, Carol Ann The Nail in the Tree Edward M. Bury 42(6):27
DeLillo, Don The Silence Tom LeClair 42(4):10
Derrida, Jacques; David Wills and Geoffrey, trans. Clang Brian O’Keeffe 42(5):19
Diaz, Natalie Postcolonial Love Poem Jerry Harp 42(4):17
Equi, Elaine The Intangibles Jeff Cyphers Wright 42(5):29
Erdrich, Louise The Night Watchman Duane Niatum 42(1):20
Jaffe, Harold Porn-Anti-Porn Larry Fondation 42(3):19
Falk, Pat A Common Violence Hilary Sideris 42(2):25
Fink, Chris Add This to the List of Things That You Are Laura Jok 42(4):27
Firestone, Jennifer Ten Katherine Weld 42(2):26
Fleischmann, T Time Is the Thing a Body Moves Through Rosie Stockton 42(2):15
Garcia, Ángel Teeth Never Sleep Bryon Dickon 42(4):23
Giles, Samantha Total Recall Judith Goldman 42(2):11
Golos, Veronica Girl Iris Lee 42(6):30
Griffiths, Rachel Eliza Seeing the Body Ginger Danto 42(3):22
Guzzoni, Mariella Vincent’s Books Christa DiMarco 42(6):7
Hampton, Timothy Bob Dylan’s Poetics Hassan Melehy 42(5):22
Harrigan, Sharon Half Erin H. Davis 42(2):29
Hartman, Saidiya Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments Grace Elizabeth Hale 42(2):5
Hejinian, Lyn Tribunal T. C. Marshall 42(1):26
Heller, Michael Telescope: Selected Poems Stephanie Rauschenbusch 42(6):23
Herrera, Juan Felipe Every Day We Get More Illegal Jan Garden Castro 42(6):20
Ho-Kei, Chan; Jeremy Tiang, trans. Second Sister Eric Sandberg 42(5):4
Hollander, Katherine My German Dictionary Patricia Laurence 42(2):28
Holland, Mary K. The Moral Worlds of Contemporary Realism Beatrice Pire 42(4):5
Hornbuckle, M. David The Fireball Brothers Jane Rosenburg LaForge 42(1):29
Hui, Yuk Recursivity and Contingency Bruce Clarke 42(1):12
Iredell, Jamie The Fat Kid John A. McDermott 42(4):23
Katz, David M. In Praise of Manhattan Helane Levine-Keating 42(4):20
Kaufman, Alan Berlin Woman Ilka Scobie 42(3):21
Kaufman, Charlie Antkind Jurrit Daalder 42(4):11
Kurland, Justine Girl Pictures Laura Larson 42(2):6
Lauwaert, Lode Marquis de Sade and Continental Philosophy Daniel Rosenberg Nutters 42(6):5
Leslie, Nathan and and Michelle Elvy, eds.; Rilla Askew, guest editor The Best Small Fictions 2019 Erin H. Davis 42(6):32
Lethem, Jonathan The Feral Detective Matthew Luter 42(5):13
Lindelof, Damon Watchmen Lawrence Ware 42(5):8
Lipsey, Roger...


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