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The Contemporary Pacific 12.2 (2000) 490-495

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A Selected Bibliography of Economic Development in the Republic of Palau

Jane Barnwell

The purpose of this bibliography is to identify selected works on the current status of economic development in the Republic of Palau (Belau). With a few important exceptions, the bibliography does not include items published before 1990.

Perhaps the most significant document related to economic development in contemporary Palau is the 1996 National Master Development Plan. All published versions are noted. The 1994 draft is particularly important for the two volumes of "sector reports," which are not revised in later editions.

Census reports are included. It should be noted that a second volume will not be published to complement the first volume of Palau's 1990 census.

A growing body of archaeological survey reports is being completed for all sixteen states in Palau; these documents are not included in this bibliography, although they play a key role in development planning at the state level. However, I have chosen to include a small sampling of recent environmental impact assessments. Some of these relate to controversial development projects, such as the most recent one completed for the proposed Ngeremereues Rock Quarry. Others are reports of truly profound impact on the republic, most notably that for the "Compact Road." As with the master plan, all versions are cited for this document because the 1998 revised draft includes two volumes: volumes 1 and 3; the 1997 draft includes two volumes, but these are volume 1 and volume 2, which consists of maps, plates, figures, and appendixes. Volume 2 of the 1997 draft is to be considered volume 2 for the 1998 revised draft as well.

Although I have emphasized publications emanating from Palau in this bibliography, I have included many other works, such as the relevant project reports and plans emanating from the University of Oregon's Micronesia and South Pacific Program.

We have limited access to external databases at the Palau Community College Library. For that reason, this bibliography is limited to items that are either in our collection, or available in other collections on this island. This bibliography has gaps, and additions are most welcome. Please feel free to contact me if you require assistance in obtaining copies of any of the documents listed.


I CANNOT CLOSE this brief introduction without acknowledging two very important people. First, I want to thank my dear friend, mentor, and colleague, Dr Karen M Peacock, Curator, Pacific Collection, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, who encouraged me to take on this project. I also want to acknowledge the tremendous amount of groundwork done by Ms Imengel Mad, Library Technician, Micronesia-Pacific Collection, Palau Community College Library. Without [End Page 490] her expert assistance, I could not have completed this bibliography.


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