With the inclusion of women among the religious officers of the Presidency of Religious Affairs (Di yanet) who are serving abroad, the "ideal Turkish family" has become the main program underlying projects and activities oriented towards women, families, and young people. This international mis sion has led to an expansion of religious services and moral support in order to reinforce a religion– nation–family nexus within the diaspora. This article examines how the Diyanet officers reproduce the Islam–nation–family intersection as a discourse to be propagated to the diaspora, and whether this narrative reinforces Turkey's attempts to create loyalty to Turkey within the diaspora. Based on ethnographic observations, an analysis of Diyanet official publications, and interviews with Diyanet officers at mosques in Vienna and Stockholm, this article shows the extent to which the Diyanet's international mission is a catalyst for the dissemination of nationalist, moral, and religious values within the diaspora, how Diyanet officers are actively involved in fostering a religious-national discourse within diaspora communities and how they specifically reinforce the connection between Islam, the Turkish nation, and the traditional Turkish family.


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