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On hot days I grow a little too complacentbeing clever:                  like making loveand watching yourself making lovein your mind's dirty, happy eye                          —that double exposurewhen balance exceeds limits setand you forget to stay inside yourself,experience and meta-experiencenot properly meshing     —do they ever?

These days, camera phones mean noaccidental double-exposure, no two-in-oneas spooled film nears its end but won't let goof sprocket teeth, or thumb forgets to wind a knoband separate moments join in timeghosting together what never was:              I'm thinking of the ancient 1940sArgus 36 millimeter my father gave me                        back before a boyhood trip.             A black box as heavy as a brick—never anything new in our flea market house—            but oh,                          what pictures that camera took!A paperweight now, a roll of film            still in it             —pictures of what                         I could not tell you—though each sharp snap of its single-reflex lensmade sure that boy knew this world dependson light and dark working together. [End Page 77]

Kelly McQuain

Kelly McQuain is an artist and writer whose prose and poetry have appeared in The Grand Journal, American Poetry Review, Best New Poets, The Pinch, Kestrel, Spunk, Knockout, Painted Bride Quarterly, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Kin, MEAD, Assaracus, and The Harrington Gay Men's Fiction Quarterly, as well as in numerous anthologies. His prizes include winning the Bloom chapbook contest for his chapbook, Velvet Rodeo, as well as fellowships from the Sewanee Writers' Workshop and Lambda Literary.



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