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  • Relations of Literature and Science, 1991–1992


  • Donald R. Benson

    Iowa State University

  • Karl E. Gwiasda

    Iowa State University

Bibliography Committee

  • Frederick Amrine

    University of Michigan

  • Maria L. Assad

    State University College of New York/Buffalo

  • Charles Bazerman

    Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Linda Bergmann

    Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Carol Donley

    Hiram College

  • Frank Durham

    Tulane University

  • Robert Faggen

    Claremont McKenna College

  • Barton Friedman

    Cleveland State University

  • Linda Henderson

    University of Texas/Austin

Other Contributors

  • Anne Collins

    University of Texas/Austin

  • Kirstin Fredrickson

    University of Michigan

  • Steve Fuller

    University of Pittsburgh

  • Danette Paul

    Pennsylvania State University

  • Betty Samraj

    University of Michigan

  • Salvatore A. Sidoti

    Hiram College

Editorial Assistant

Joseph Bramhall

With this, its second two-year issue, “Relations of Literature and Science” becomes as nearly current as is practical, given the lead-time required for compilation and publication. Future issues will cover only a single year.

The present list includes some publications from 1989–1990 that had been overlooked in the previous bibliography. The organization of the bibliography remains the same as that of last year’s issue: an analytic arrangement that begins with sections on disciplinary theory and on rhetoric of science, passes to sections on popular science and on exploration, and closes with sections on the various sciences and on technology. Entries that overlap categories are cross-referenced at the beginning of each section. References to selected topics and to individual writers, artists, and scientists are cited in an appended Index. For convenience’ sake, the citations for anthologies of articles by differing authors have been placed in the “Theory” section. The individual articles themselves, however, are separately listed under the most appropriate category.

The most significant development in this issue is in its coverage of scholarship on science/technology and the visual arts. This scholarship has been thoroughly—and to a limited extent retrospectively—reviewed by Linda Henderson and her colleague, Anne Collins. In keeping with the analytic organization of the bibliography, their results have been incorporated into the appropriate [End Page 373] sections. A summary of these entries appears in the Index under the subject of “Visual arts” and under the names of individual artists.

Scholars interested in the relations between science or technology and the visual arts are directed to consult Leonardo: Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology. Because of the large amount of material that would have had to be included in a retrospective survey, the journal’s contents have not been itemized in this bibliography. The journal offers particularly strong coverage of computer art and electronic media, but has also devoted entire issues to subjects such as “Art and the New Biology” (vol. 22:1 [1989]) and “Visual Mathematics” (vol. 25:3–4 [1992]).

We welcome two new members to the Bibliography Committee: Linda Henderson, who covers the visual arts, and Linda Bergmann, who covers the scholarship on popular science and on exploration. My co-bibliographer and I thank all the members of the committee for their counsel, their cooperation, and their industry.

I regret to say that illness compels me to resign as Bibliographer with the publication of this issue. In fact, much of the editorial work this year has fallen to my colleague and co-bibliographer, Karl Gwiasda. I wish to thank him for his help in bringing this issue to completion.

Donald Benson

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